Poem – Reminiscent

As the months melt away
into weeks and days
the memories become stronger
bouncing from everywhere
fast and furious they
fill waking thoughts
and serve as a reminder
that reminiscing not only
keeps someone’s memory alive
but reminds you of the path
they created for you
of the person they believed you are.

Poem – Apathy

With an apathetic look in tired eyes
he turned away from the edge,
hundreds of feet above the turbulent
waters, and walked toward the forest,

across the empty road absent
of any traffic since the morning,
into the cultivated fields, curiously empty,
and sat next to the stone marker and finally wept.

Poem – Infinity

Removed from the city
even for an afternoon
layers of stress and blocks
fall away, replaced by what
the wind brings, what the
trees take, and what the animals
are willing to share.

How else to rebuild the soul
than to witness firsthand
the infinite cycle of nature,
of earth, of home?






Poem – Authentic

I believe who we are
when our eyes first open
and light through half-drawn
blinds washes over our body,
we are true, we are authentic
and only through the chaos and fray
of each day do we become jaded
and lose touch with humanity.

Poem – Watching

The sleepy sun is just raising
one eye when we walk onto
the patio, one dog on each
arm, into the cold morning
with a thin layer of frost on
the ground and the apple tree.

Across the pond an oak tree
has emerged from its slumber
with a growing veil concealing
the noisy ravens watching every move.

Poem – Release

I awoke – from the ocean
pushed deep from the
waters weight I could
not breath, I could not move,
and I could not see outward,
but in my mind I swam
freely through images, and time,
experiences, regrets, and loss.

I held these close to my heart
to my fractured mind until I
became consumed, distracted, disconnected – lost.

Only when I released you
did I awake from the ocean.

Poem – Renewal

The dirt path changed to stone
and as time passed I lost my place.

Emerging from one realm
to another this one was foreign.

And yet familiar if I closed my eyes,
like some part of me crossed here before.

And yet distant, the remote connection
either passed or not arrived.

Between two possibilities I chose
to be the reincarnation of my

previous self, to retain the experience
and returned to the world at hand.

Poem – Shadow

Scattered dreams forgotten at first light.
A vague cloud follows.

Trees bend at impossible angles
the air wavers and shimmers.

I walk the dirt path worn
from ancestors and ancient methods.

Morning light through the tree canopy
casts fragments across my face.

I cannot help but feel I am being
followed by a shadow of my former self.

Ice Child, by John Haines


Cold for so long, unable to speak,
yet your mouth seems framed
on a cry, or a stifled question.

Who placed you here, and left you
to this lonely eternity of ash and ice,
and himself returned to the dust
fields, the church and the temple?

Was it God—the sun-god of the Incas,
the imperial god of the Spaniards?
Or only the priests of that god,
self-elected—voice of the volcano
that speaks once in a hundred years.

And I wonder, with your image before me,
what life might you have lived,
had you lived at all—whose companion,
whose love? To be perhaps no more
than a slave of that earthly master:

a jug of water on your shoulder,
year after stunted year, a bundle
of reeds and corn, kindling
for a fire on whose buried hearth?

There were furies to be fed, then
as now: blood to fatten the sun,
a heart for the lightning to strike.

And now the furies walk the streets,
a swarm in the milling crowd.
They stand to the podium, speak
of their coming ascension …

Through all this drift and clamor
you have survived—in this cramped
and haunted effigy, another entry
on the historian’s dated page.

Under the weight of this mountain—
once a god, now only restless stone,
we find your interrupted life,
placed here among the trilobites
and shells, so late unearthed.

John Haines, “The Ice Child” from For the Century’s End: Poems 1990-1999

Poem – Perseverance

Storms rolled through last week.

Weak and old trees toppled to the ground or fell into a neighbor or
landed on the wire fencing with the orange flags.

Near the pole barn smaller trees were uprooted but the metal roof
still looks new, the green roof glistening when wet.

What little birch are mixed with the pine
still stand, their white and grey skin

shining through the green mass.
2014-09-13 09.40.41

Poem – Contemplation

I watch the sun set behind the hills.
I watch planes pass overhead nearly colliding with the moon.
I watch the pond empty and then fill again. And again. With ducks.

The dogs stand watch, stoic poses, passed through
generations and breeding.

I wonder what they are thinking.

Science – Large Hadron Collider Returns

In science news, the Large Hadron Collider is back online and will start ramping up to continue science experiments, including more work detecting the Higgs Boson, dark matter, and anti-matter.

I wonder, as we search for answers, do we really know the questions, and when we find questions hidden in the depths of infinity, are we prepared with any inkling of an answer? Are we prepared for what we may find?

Article on Engadget.

Candidate Higgs boson event from collisions between protons in the CMS detector on the LHC. From the collision at the centre, the particle decays into two photons (dashed yellow lines and green towers) (Image: CMS/CERN)

Candidate Higgs boson event from collisions between protons in the CMS detector on the LHC. From the collision at the centre, the particle decays into two photons (dashed yellow lines and green towers) (Image: CMS/CERN)

Current Happenings – National Poetry Month

I am little late, but April is National Poetry Month!  And this year AWP is taking place in Minneapolis.  While not attending AWP, I will be and have been writing a new poem each day and posting here. Daily words and inspiration are being kindly donated by Patricia from Twisted Root Studios.

I will also select a few from writers that I read, study, and respect for various reasons.

Poem – Joy

As the last snow flake and ice crystal
recede into the mountains
thoughts turn to what is left,
the next tasks to be completed,
the chores we must do to
prepare the land for planting
and the spring rains bringing joy
to the crops and the children.