Poem – The Physical Manifestation of the Mind, Part 2

The threads fade into the background
as the scene silences and I am left
with basic and primal instincts,
disconnected from the imagined

physical world, pushing aside
forced projections and loose
words from false gods and prophets –
my inner beast runs into the fields.

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Poem – The Physical Manifestation of the Mind, Part 1

The air I taste and breath
surfaces sharp and distinct
memories from a time I had

Across the empty fields
losing to the shadows
the land becomes the physical
manifestation of my mind.

I walk around and examine
each thread, each connection
some are familiar and soft
some are foreign and sharp.

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Poem – Here Before

I have been this way before, down this same path,
and most likely not for the last time.

I have been here before looking for a road,
a way through the ever-increasing obstacles

with a distant light ebbing and flowing
surrounded in the absolute silence

where I only hear my breath and the
rising panic inside.

It would be easy and a relief to stop and
allow the tree roots to take over and bring me home

but that light is still out there beyond the mountains
a fragment of hope cast from unseen hands.

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To Share Their Space

In the presence of nature,
the creatures with alert eyes
and deep breath, we are
humbled by them allowing
us to share their space,
to trust our own actions,
and in return they can just play.

2016-02-03 15.53.38

2016-02-03 15.53.48

Poem – What We Choose

Beyond the objects and projections we see
there lies the energy and matter,
the ancient building blocks
arranged in shapes
denoted with absorption and reflection
of light.

What we see exists only at the moment.
What we see is an extension of ourselves,
of the same fragmented and scattered material
coming together through the reality we choose.

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Poem – Present Memories

The night becomes the morning and
the sun lays across thinning snow
and dormant vegetation.

The darkness and silence
are broken when the trees
become engulfed in light.

A small window into the
vast universe opens above
the horizon.

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Morning Antics

Up with a beautiful end of January sunrise, we walked and played with spring creeping in slowly.

2016-01-31 08.01.57

2016-01-31 08.02.05

It’s a Snow Day

A quick trip up north to get out of the house and play. I was also “gravelled” again by the small critters who like to hide seeds, corn, and other goodies in my boots.

2016-01-29 11.38.47

2016-01-29 11.38.54

2016-01-29 11.40.00

Poem – One Mind

We inhabit this space for reasons we still chase
through light and dark
through heaven and hell
through ancient texts and drawings.

The human spirit longs for place,
a concrete connection to surroundings,
a palpable definition of home.
How can we look out there when we do not how we got here?

To measure today against the backdrop
of the past and the future loses
our own meaning and purpose in
the ocean lapping the white sands.

I walked that path on the boundary
shadowed in golden light from the sun
that never set and felt streams of
silent noise and vibrations.

Scattered forever I lost myself
into the water to become one
mind floating in the sea
of dark matter and strings.

In the end we are here
to be caretakers of the
very things we are part of
the very soil we came from.

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If Jackson Pollock was a photographer, #6

I imagine one hos photographs might look like this:

No. 6

No. 6

Poem – A Season in Hell

A season in hell has passed
as I rose through the fractures
in the liquid earth and woke
in the fields beneath the winter sun.

Surrounded by snow and bare trees
I immediately recognized this place
and only knew of my journey here
by the deep and fresh scars.

2016-01-19 15.55.21

Poem – Pure Spirits

A chance to put on-hold
obligations and deadlines
and dive into nature
with the purest of spirits.

2016-01-24 08.32.50

2016-01-24 08.33.14

Poem – Hope

As the sun sets on another day
and the weight of each person’s
burden, responsibilities, and
hopelessness reach a tipping point

there is the outside view
into the mind of each tree
into the soul of nature
into the womb of the universe.

2016-01-18 16.49.28