Poem by Chris Roe – Old Man

By your side
There is peace,
A quiet place
Of beauty and realisation,
Where wisdom
Seeks reason and understanding,
Where myth is laid to rest
By the reality of knowledge.

By your side
There is hope,
That arrogance and greed
Will not destroy,
That selfless love
Will prevail.

By your side
Life is sacred,
A future
For the children
To unfold.
By your side
In your presence
There is love.

Poem – What is Still, Still Moves

Heart of winter is ironic
as nothing moves in this cold

there is no hot blood though veins
keeping extremities alive.

As I stand frozen on the patio
even my breath escapes slightly

before the immortalized
words hang in the air.

There is a shift in what you see when
the clearest blue sky collides

with white coated earth, what should
be a defined boundary, with definitions

and delineations, wavers and moves.

Poem – What Follows?

The sun rises and escapes
across the winter sky.

The moon replaces the sun
and the sky clears as

cold settles from the heavens
into the empty fields.

A strong wind emerges from the
ancient forest, a boundary

too late to cross as soon
the coyotes will take hunt.

Backpacking Gear For Sale – update

I have the following pieces of backpacking and camping equipment that are no longer needed and taking up much needed space in the gear closet.  Please contact me (wricci@bcxmail.com) with questions, pricing, shipping, etc.

  1. Eddie Bauer First Ascent – Men’s Down 800-fill Jacket, 2013 model – Tall Large
  2. Eddie Bauer First Ascent Big Tahoma 75 (men’s) – Used once
  3. Black Diamond flick-lock adjustable hiking poles – Used with care
  4. Black Diamond Men’s Harness – L/XL – Model #BD651039 – Never used
  5. Black Diamond Men’s Harness – L – Model #BD651053 – Never used
  6. MSR Universal Stove – With 2 bottles, maintenance kits, windscreen, cup, pan – Never used

1. Eddie Bauer First Ascent – Men’s Down 800-fill Jacket


2. Eddie Bauer First Ascent Big Tahoma 75

2014-10-29 18.24.56

2014-10-29 18.25.13

2014-10-29 18.26.03

3. Black Diamond flick-lock adjustable hiking poles

2014-10-29 18.23.11

2014-10-29 18.23.25

4. Black Diamond Men’s Harness – L/XL – Model #BD651039


5. Black Diamond Men’s Harness – L – Model #BD651053


6. MSR Universal Stove – With 2 bottles, maintenance kits, windscreen, cup, pan



Poem – Strings

Moments I feel disconnected from the activity surrounding and swallowing me.

The words heavy, actions sharp, the light too much to see.

I want to live peacefully and cast a wide net but the fields are overgrown,

the boulders too large, the obstacles too many.

Those we do not know beyond what we are fed are angry,

the hatred emerging from thousands of years ago.

Who really is the enemy, who really is the friend?

What role do I play, what picture will I paint?

The more I question, the more I look, I see

strings scattered across the desert floor.

Various colors and widths, each I touch and lift

is buried in the ground.

Each I touch vibrates and images unfamiliar

emotions that are foreign overtake my mind and body.

I lay on the ground and immediately the strings work

to overtake what I am giving to them, and I now choose

to receive the gift of becoming one with nature, one

with everything spanning time, distance, and borders.


Musician – Zoe Keating

Recently I discovered the wonderful music of cellist Zoe Keating. She is a champion of the arts and independent musicians. On February 19th, her husband passed away from cancer. With her music filled with such emotion and expansive energy, listening to it now has a new light.

Jackson Pollock in the news

My favorite painter is in the news again, but for good reasons. Lior Shamir, a computer scientist at Lawrence Technological University, has developed software that analyzes images and is able to authenticate a painting from 90% to 100% accuracy with the proper training and testing.

As an example, he analyzed 26 Jackson Pollock paintings initially and obtained over 90% accuracy. He then used 26 from earlier in his career to take into account his style changing over time, and was at 100% accuracy.

A controversial figure in both his art and personal life, he continues to fascinate people and keep his paintings alive and in our conversations.


Jackson Pollock, Number 1, 1950 (Lavender Mist),1950, National Gallery of Art, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund

Update – Shift in Focus

A new year and a change in direction.  When January rolled around, I made the decision to focus on a collection of poems and put the Stone Path Review journal on hold for a bit.  Well that focus lasted a couple of weeks.   In an effort to become more valuable in my day job, to stay current with data and technology, and to lay the ground work for BioconX, I am spending all of my free time studying and learning.

First goal is to become certified for ITIL Foundations, a framework for managing technology and ensuring it matches what the business needs and requires.

Second goal is to learn cloud technologies, including Windows Azure and SQL 2014, and build dynamic and data driven cloud-based applications.

Related to all of this is my technology specific blog at Bioconx Resources. I will be discussing all of these and related topics, trends, and some of the projects that come out of this.

I will share a lot of the information here and hope to post a poem or two when the timing is right.

No posting would be complete without the other focus of my time.  These two monsters:

Vinny and Leroy

Vinny and Leroy

Poem – Dogs of Winter

Afternoon sun sets quickly
as the wind scatters snow
and ice through the forest.

Summer ponds holding ducks
assume a new role and face
as the moon consumes the surface.

The main path follows the
base of the hill winding
past wetlands.

Ravens assume positions
in trees surrounding the
open field.

The dogs of winter
follow their own path,
darting into the forest

after smells and sounds
that are new, that are carried
in by the cold wind.

The sky darkens quickly,
becoming an orange backdrop
as the dogs of winter return

briefly to primal instincts
running with raw speed
across the hill-top.

Christopher McCandless – Updated theory on his death

Jon Krakauer, author of “Into the Wild”, has published an updated theory on what killed Christopher McCandless.


Poem – Vow

I fear not the process, the natural end of this time
here as I prepare for the next. I only fear the method
and I vow to meet it’s messenger on my
field with sword in hand beneath the white petals.

Poem – White Snow

White snow absent of
mind dusts,

absent of tree shadows
and raven wings.

White snow becomes the
moon filled river.

White snow becomes
the expanding horizon.

White snow becomes
what we bring, what we perceive.

An empty canvas, the empty field
becomes a blank page and the contents

of our full minds, the charged emotions
we carry become the objects strewn across the field.

The white snow is deceptive
and in the beauty we can become

distracted and lose sight
of our being our place in everything.

Like mind dusts they accumulate if
not cultivated and swept away.

Our being, our body, our minds
require maintenance and care.

Poem – Life is

Life is…

This current state of awareness,
the energy we intake and let go.

Life is…

The framework we carry
the morals we exhibit.

Life is…

Our actions bound to the
people and the earth.