Poem – Truth Amidst the Dark Horizon


Swimming through dark, through water, through
the concept of time that is lost when we lose hope.

Searching for what else is out there,
searching for what we think we need.

Events happen, points in life surface that
take over our focus and force a look inward.

In those moments we can find meaning,
we can find ourselves, we can find truth.


I lost years of life to false words
and shadow filling the valleys I walked within.

I turned from people, I turned from myself.


In the turbulent water marching
to the dark horizon

a strong hand reached through the
waves and left me on the shoreline.

When I awoke I hoped what I saw
was only a dream, but after the

funeral, after goodbyes and tears,
the life known previously

became a distant memory and the
path forward became a dedication,

became a quest for betterment
to live up to his image and words.

Poem – The Mountains Voice We See and Do Not Hear

Mountain of snow against the darkening sky drifts from vision and becomes the lost peak of legend.

Mountain shadow swallows the valley, consuming trees and river, the last drops of light.

What secrets does the mountain take from the day into the night?

When the ravens fall silent, when the wind scatters, returning to its mysterious beginning, the mountain voice emerges from cracks and fissures, from the very earth that turns raw molten materials into the giants reaching to the heavens.

An ancient voice calls across time in the space we cannot hear, in the dreams we see when we reach beyond the death zone and what we think becomes irrelevant and what we desire spiritually, the things that have no name, become tangible, become the vision floating across the horizon.

Poem – Beyond the Clouds There is Hope

After the smoke clears and unnatural sounds dissipate
the valley, mountains, and river return.

The mountain shadow continues the journey started millions of years before
and the river moves animals and earth further downstream to fertile
lands and eventually to the delta spreading its fingers for miles with
long threads reaching into the sea.

For a moment the clouds pause as birds swarm from the forest
and overtake the sky filled with defined shapes alternating
from grey to pink as the sun has completed another day and makes
its way to the horizon before one last wink says goodnight.

Beyond the clouds there is hope of peace.

Poem – When Darkness Becomes All That We Know

Grey infused frozen water consumes the last light before the fields darken.

Distant planets follow me from dawn until dusk and a new world emerges where I have become one with beings and energy I do not understand yet make sense at levels I did not know existed.

I left my field years before I arrived here, in search of a new beginning, a chance to erase the past, the stories I have written.

Days traversing empty fields become lost in the mountain shadow where the sky became the ground as we became blind from snow and ice.

With no vision or guidance I was forced to remember ancient words from mountain tops.

It was difficult to separate the truth from lies, the cloaked wolves from the bodhisattva sent from beyond the shadows.

I stumbled upon a rock and fell into a creek feed from glaciers. I feel deep to the bottom of the creek and then I stopped.

The cold become the darkness of my being. The shadows thickened and became a vision of nothing, an island of another existence.

In that moment of eternity I stood on the shoreline of swirling black light and stared at the island. On that island a life played out like a movie and after some time, I realized it was my life, it was my movie.

I watched the choices and decisions I made, the people I loved, and the people I hurt. I watched the distance I kept and the selfishness I exuded. At times, I thought those on the island, in that temporal dream state, looked over at me across the distance as I watched them, as if they know I was there apart from the person they were interacting with.

When darkness becomes all that we know, a choice is presented to grow beyond the person whose own words and actions put them there.

Poem – What Matters Most in the Violent Waves

Thinking back on the past
I see the signs and guides

more clearly and with more
openness than at the time.

Thinking about where I am now
I plan what future I want,

the reach of my sphere of influence
and the morals I must exhibit.

What I question are the words
thrown to the wind by others,

by shamans and preachers.
By those speaking of truth,

another way to live, of
supposed lies, our blindness

while they pilfer our pockets
and exist in the same state.

What matters most are words and actions
of respect, peace, and unity to those

we love, know, and hold and those
we have never met here.

What matters most are the daily choices
made for ourselves and those around us.

2014-11-08 08.41.32

Looking for Peace

An early morning walk through a November-drenched park with Leroy, Alaskan coffee, and music. As the wind blew hard off the lake, yet the pace was slow and purposeful, I chose “Lost in the Chambers of the Sea”, by Startle the Heavens (Ben Leopard).

Starting off brisk and cloudy, we watched thousands of ducks float upon the water and eat. Hiking through the trees and along another lake, we left the city behind and let nature cradle our spirits and heal our minds. Looking for peace, we found the rising light and a path through the forest.

Path Through the Trees

Path Through the Trees

Poem – The Depth of November

November is the transition of fall to winter.
November gives up the red, orange, yellow, and gold for brown into grey.

The sky gains depth, definition, and clarity.
November is laid bare at your feet and we head within ourselves to find warmth and answers to the probing questions and immediate need to cope with change.

November is the month we begin to find ourselves.

November Depth

November Depth

Poem – Moon

Silent clouds
reveal the moon

and the still water
absorbs the light.

Behind the moon
the tree line

casts shadows
across our faces

as we listen to
distant coyote cries.

Poem – The First Flake

The child’s nose leaves prints on the glass
kitchen window overlooking the apple tree.

Wide-eyed, determined, safe -
was that a snowflake?

Did one land in the grass?
A frantic search for the

first snowflake signaling
winter, snow forts, and snow days.

There, that has to be one!
And the phone call to grandma

to let her know, that it is snowing,
that I will remember this forever.

Poem – Snow Always Proceeds the Fall

The depth of days, carrying
the memories from the past
through the present into
a future laid bare in our hands.

Silence precedes the chaos
we create, but until that
moment the silence is unsettling,
daunting, and disarming.

Snow comes first with a
message of peace and hope
a subtle warning from the
winds originating beyond

our sight but forever
buried in our minds
as their words become clearer
the closer we are to nature.

2014-10-05 06.59.09

Backpacking Gear – For Sale

I have 3 pieces of backpacking equipment that are no longer needed and taking up much needed space in the gear closet.  Please contact me with questions, price, shipping, etc.

  1. GoLite Shangri-La 2 minimalist backpacking tent – Never used
  2. Black Diamond flick-lock adjustable hiking poles – Used with care
  3. First Ascent Big Tahoma 75 (men’s) – Used once

GoLite Shangri-La 2 minimalist backpacking tent

2014-10-29 18.22.34

2014-10-29 18.22.39

Black Diamond flick-lock adjustable hiking poles

2014-10-29 18.23.11

2014-10-29 18.23.25

First Ascent Big Tahoma 75

2014-10-29 18.24.56

2014-10-29 18.25.13

2014-10-29 18.26.03