Poem – Place

I was not meant to be in this place, at this time.
Distant fields of clover and Indian grass fold
into itself as mountains rise
from the virgin earth and we are witness
to the changing landscape, to the dawn of a new era.

The relative nature of space and time
the fluctuations bring me closer and
further at the same moment to the
true being, the being within struggling
to break free struggling to catch
the first and last breath.

Which version of myself decided
this was the place for me?

Which version of myself cast
shadows across ice fields
hunkered down beneath
overhanging ice and the
first ray of light across
the crystal horizon,
the peak near?

Which place is real
and which place do I belong within?

Poem – What is Meant to Be

The day’s chaos subsides
as the wind carries my worries away
and the trees wrap their limbs around me,
I close my eyes and the mountains appear.

The day’s battle and the outcome set
I relinquish the inner turmoil to the stars
as I cross tundra and rivers
setting up camp at the foot of the mountain.

What the mind seeks
what the body needs
what the soul requires
what the being is meant to be

is there, is here
as a murder of ravens
passes overhead
leading you to the empty fields.

Poem – What Sees in the Dark

Sliver of gradient orange into purple.
The forest stands tall merging with the sky.
Cold breath.
We listen to distant owls, we watch for the coyotes.

New Music

Some recent music, delving into new music and artists, as well as favorites, including a release by Hildur Gudnadottir, one of my favorite Icelandic musicians.

  1. Seven Lions - Worlds Apart (2014)
  2. Seven Lions - The Throes of Winter (2015)
  3. Celldweller – End of an Empire (Chapter 03: Dreams) (2015)
  4. Celldweller – Transmissions: Volume 01 (2014)
  5. Porter Robinson - Worlds (2014)
  6. Hildur Gudnadottir - Saman (2014)
  7. Shigeto – No Better Time Than Now (2013)
  8. Eraldo Bernocchi, Harold Budd, Robin Guthrie - Winter Garden (2011)
  9. Animattronic – Pirates of the Galaxy (2015)

Poem – Winter into Spring

As winter becomes spring
and ponds become home to wildlife
and the ground reaches for the sky,

thoughts turn to distant lands
north of the arctic circle
surrounded by mountains

and tundra home to herds
of caribou and the midnight
sun above snow-capped peaks.

Poem – When

I cry slow tears when –

the raven filled sky descends upon the earth.
the sun settles between bare branches.
the moon takes over watch.
the stars paint the night sky.

2015-03-13 18.37.46

Poem – Matter

Sitting on the warm patio
the afternoon sun is calm
and soothing.

The wind from the north
is strong and cool –
we shade our eyes.

The grass recently lost its
cover and the yard is brown
and crunches beneath dog’s feet.

The sky is blue and
filled with black wings –
we watch ravens take over

the tallest tree on the hill
and in the quiet moments
with the two puppies

I am content and I remember
my place here within the matter
and I know what matters most.

Poem – Into the Sky…

We gaze from the wet earth
from the snow piles and appreciate
the warm sun and the wind through pine
masking distant city sounds.

2015-03-08 10.50.16

Poem – Transition

The first day of March and we
walk through the thin snow
covered trails and off the
path into the woods.

The winter sky keeps no
secrets but the wind
teases of spring and
the reemergence of life.

Winter to Spring

Winter to Spring


If Jackson Pollock was a photographer, #5

I imagine one of his photos would look like this:

Jackson Pollock photography

Jackson Pollock photography

Poem – Beyond What We Think We See

The lonely path tunneled
through the daily routine
and expectations.

The tunnel was your
gateway and hiding place,
a retreat when life
became too real, a

Did ever see the colors
of the sunset as they
appeared over the black
waters in the city?

I imagine you looking
at nothing in particular
on the outside, but in that
chaotic mind of energy,
you picked up each thread
of light, each string,
turned it over and examined
each particle and throw
it at the canvas at your feet.

Poem by Chris Roe – Old Man

By your side
There is peace,
A quiet place
Of beauty and realisation,
Where wisdom
Seeks reason and understanding,
Where myth is laid to rest
By the reality of knowledge.

By your side
There is hope,
That arrogance and greed
Will not destroy,
That selfless love
Will prevail.

By your side
Life is sacred,
A future
For the children
To unfold.
By your side
In your presence
There is love.