Reasons, Forgotten

Why do we hang on to things?  Why do we hold some reservation or ill-well toward others, even with the passage of time?  As an example, and something that triggered this: the other morning while walking the dog around the block, I saw one of our neighbors.  I thought to myself, without hesitation, that I do not like this person.  I stopped.  For a moment.  I asked myself: Why?  A moment later, I still could not think of any reason. I can only conclude that something happened earlier, months or years, that was probably one-sided, and I have clung to this energy, I have left this negativity within me, and it has persisted.  For no reason. Now that I am aware, in some ways, of its origin, or lack of any real grounding, I can let it go, and be free of this small, but damaging, bit of negative energy.

Why do we cling to negativity over the years?  Why can we not let things go, and move forward not only for ourselves, but for the others within our sphere of influence?

8 thoughts on “Reasons, Forgotten

  1. Part of the reason we do this is because we’re so conditioned nowadays to quick information and analysis of news, products and social interaction that we instinctively size up people we don’t really know. It’s all part of today’s headline-news mentality. It’s a hard habit to break when you’re constantly exposed to it, but definitely a habit worth taking the time to break. Cheers to you for recognizing that. I don’t know you but I like you already. DANG IT! There I go AGAIN!

    • Hello Ned, thank you for visiting my blog. Good point that we are bombarded with information every minute of every day, and have become conditioned to analyze, make a decision, and move on to the next one. It has to be a conscious effort to move out of the traffic, stop, and breath. Based on the one post I read, I like you too. 🙂

  2. And yet there are certain wounds or pains that we cannot will away, no matter how hard we try. The thorns the Apostle Paul acknowledges. Maybe the best we can do is allow them to spur us to greater effort on broader fronts.
    And we’re not even getting to those deep hurts — sometimes the things we’ve done in the past — we cannot let go of or undo, or that will not let go of us.
    Perhaps, though, in bringing them to the Light, we also deepen our own humility and humanity and empathy for all.
    That’s a long, long distance from likes and dislikes now, isn’t it?

    • Hello Jnana, thank you for the thoughtful reply. So, looking beyond the superficial, beneath the surface, and as part of humanity, being open to understand each persons place and purpose, and our connectedness. Understanding that we each have our flaws and struggles, carry deep wounds and experiences that have made the person we are today.

  3. I think we’re creatures of habit. If we get into the habit of not liking someone, we remember the emotion rather than the experience that created the emotion, a bit like a dog that has been abused by a previous owner, that tries to bite its new owner when he or she tries to pet him. But, you’re spot on, awareness is the key to changing those forgotten habits.

    • Kevin, thank you very much for visiting, and this thoughtful comment. How do we break free of these habits? Awareness, self-examination, like another kind reader posted. Very true that the experience leaves a scar that surfaces with emotion, which is triggered very easily, and bypasses our system to pause, think, and then control our reactions.

  4. It’s all about having an examined life. Once we can examine things, we have hope of reframing that which was. And let go, move on. Unemcumbered……..

    • Thank you for the comment. Through that we can gain a better awareness of ourself, and not make the same mistakes repeatedly, in this life, and hopefully in another.

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