Poetry from Ricci Milan

Ricci Milan, a frequent contributor to Stone Path Review, and founder of Rhythmic Circus, shared these timely words with me.


Broken hearts,
With a broken history.

When we ignore the depth
Of our injuries,
Nobody gets to be.

Hope still lives in me.
We can break this cycle,
We can unfold this mystery.

A Happy Friday!
United by healing.
And the love we all wish to see.


I want to write a poem that turns exciting words into confetti! Flying through the air, getting stuck in my hair, making these current complaints seem petty…
A recipe for the potion found in the fountain of youth!
A story with more presence than the reindeer on the roof!

All these high hopes mix with ghosts in the photo library of my tablet… I know this poem is out there, but until I see it, I can’t have it…..

A quest addict in a magic attic makes discovery a habit!

Grab It!

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