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1974 Interview / Orson Welles

Shared by Michael Gause at the Dishevel’d Salon

Enra – Pleiades

A cherographed music, dance, and light number that truly is an extension, a bridge from here to where we came from. A beautiful peace that amazed me with how the dancers interacted with the light and the story being told. More information at

Stone Path Review – May 2014 Newsletter

The latest newsletter from Enso Press and Stone Path Review can be read online here at Mail Chimp. Better yet, please consider joining our mailing list to review all of the updates regarding Enso Press, Stone Path Review, Stone Path Films, and Tessta Rangeet.

Film – Winter Sleep

The Cannes Film Festival awards were announced on 05/24/14.  The winner of the Palme D’or for best picture is “Winter Sleep“.  I hope to view this film soon and post a review here.  

Poetry – Video of Reading

Here is a raw video of part small part of the reading from 05/04/14 for Good and Evil, sponsored by Cracked Walnut Literary Festival Reading. It took place at Coffee Bene. I read the following pieces and will post them separately: What We Must Do One Truth From the Marathon

Comedians in Cars…

For some reason, I am fascinated and find the episodes of “Comedians in Cards Getting Coffee” to be laugh out loud funny.  Now, I am not a fan of Jerry Seinfield, and even less so of Tina Fey, but this one is great – I think it really is about the coffee and seeing these […]
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Film – Andrei Tarkovsky

Six films of famed Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky 1932-1986) are available for free through this link: Ivan’s Childhood (1962) Andrei Rublev (1966) Solaris (1972) The Mirror (1975) Stalker (1979) Nostalghia (1983) Three Student Films The Killers, 1956 There Will Be No Leave Today, 1958 The Steamroller and the Violin, 1960

Enso Press – Website and Updates

Enso Press, LLC has changed to a new website design. As always, simplicity is key with limited extraneous information getting in the way of the core content – artistic journals and film. The Support page has been updated with information on a music project we supported. More information will be coming soon with the status […]
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Documentary – India’s Holy Men – Beyond

This is a documentary about India’s Holy Men, titled Beyond.  They are part of a spiritual sect called Aghori who practice asceticism: forsaking all of one’s earthly possessions and living excluded from society.  From a distance I respect the dedication and devotion to one’s beliefs.  I only question what does this bring to a community and […]
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Lutsen, MN – Video of Lake Superior

A video by Twisted Root Studios of fog racing across Lake Superior where it is -20 with spring-like sun.