Day 2 in Chicago and the skies have opened with rain through the 40-degree air.  Sitting at Starbucks with my love, the coffee and words flow.


In the season of death when cold descends from out there to here, when thoughts and focus become singular, I feel the most alive.


Sometimes the path taken existed previously and the footprints of an ancient people are still visible.  This path follows the border and on the other side the thin outline of the kingdom becomes visible.

The Wasteland Here

I have started a new blog at to provide a separate space for random, non-sensical thoughts and ramblings about this world we live within and the universal planes we emerge from.

Stone Path Review

The Stone Path Review website has been updated with a new theme. Also, there is a page on Facebook.

Path Taken

Whatever path I took to here has led me astray.  I thought the lights from a grand distance were salvation.  Turns out they were a Black Friday Sale.

Marya Hornbacher Interview

The recently conducted interview with Marya Hornbacher is now online at The Edge. Marya Hornbacher, a Pulitzer Prize and Pushcart Prize nominee, has written several books dealing with various mental illnesses, including eating and bipolar disorders. Her books have been translated into multiple languages and are taught as part of coursework at universities and literature […]
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The Return

HZ He rises smiling from the concrete and rubble untouched, unscathed with dreadlocks he has returned. Arms raised, not to heaven not to any god – to home out there, beyond here this existence, this ill-defined reality to a birthplace mired in plasma, neo nuclear processes and colliding atomic particles. Dark matter conceals his presence […]
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10/30/11 – New Images

New images added for Alaska 2007, Alaska 2010, Colorado 2009, and various locations in Northern MN.

10/27/11 – A Fragmented Evening

We spent the evening at the Historic Mounds Theatre ( ) as part of “Pieces” by Incision.  Broken into chapters, words and narration by Hanakia Zedek ( ) music and video provided a dramatic soundscape and landscape for what hides and feeds within. From the copy for the event: PIECES It’s About the Fragmentation of the Human […]
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