From Tim Miejan, editor and publisher of The Edge.

“Edge magazine’s focus is Holistic Living. While “holistic” seemingly is the new buzzword for everything metaphysical, it’s actually a very old buzzword that tells us that everything is interconnected, that human beings are more than the sum of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies that make us whole. The engineer fabricating new ways to create alternative energy is holistic. The artist who inspires us is holistic. The chef whose raison d’être is to cook with love is holistic.

Holistic living is vital now because it acts as the counterweight to the current lifestyle that celebrates the quick fix, expending as little effort (or integrity) as possible for the greatest gain.”


I recently became the poetry editor for The Edge. Starting January 1st, 2011, there will be more focus on the arts, community, and new voices.

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Sitting at Caribou reading and writing about the trip to Haines, Alaska. I’m in the transition period of small town simplicity, back to the perceived reality of home. Missing the remote wilderness and the daily activities of camping and kayaking in the Lynn Canal.

If asked by the glassmaker or another being existing not in this reality, would I want the fractures fixed, built back into the essence of myself? I would say no.

What encompasses and mediates the space between the light sources, so grand and distant, and ancient as the light we see, we experience, we bow and pray to, may not exist anymore? What do we tell ourselves when the worshipped deity died minutes or years ago, and did not hear the plea that we made?

Went to Blythe Spirit last night at the Jungle Theatre.  Wonderful production with good laughs and an intersting story line.  I feel for the lead character having one wife and his deceased ex-wife coming back and haunting him.

Throughout history, music has inspired and been a muse for writing of any kind, such as prose, poetry, novels, love letters, etc.  The following music is my muse;

1. Helios

2. Rameses III

3. Olafur Arnalds

4. Johann Johannsson

5. Enigma

6. Nadia Sirota

7.  Hildur Gudnaddottir

The crisp blue sky backdrop for the snow contrasts and radiates in the cold air. The sun is out, its light reflecting off everything. I remember these days as a child in Northeast, the sled moves fast on the snow and ice sheen, the moving air a cold blast on the skin, the bottom of the hill coming fast.

The morning dark sky brought powdery snow with the cold air. Even with eyes closed, you would know it is winter as the air is cold, crisp, and invigorating.

A new year, brings a new website. Superior Expeditions is in the process of a new design.
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