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New submission forms have been added for The Edge and Whistling Shade. They are located within the Editor page at

Response to Northography – Helios RIsing

In response to the latest Northography stimuli titled “The Ninth Wave”: desperate moves within the churning sea lost is the hull and deck left with the mast and sails we climb limb over limb. tumultuous shades of green swallowed by the black chaotic waters. towering white capped waves red tinged a reflection of the […]
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Next Review – “The Dance Most of All”

Currently reading and reviewing the latest collection of poems from Jack Gilbert.

Book Review – “Tao-Zen Verses”

08/01/11 Review of “Tao-Zen” Verses, by Hanakia Zedek Whistling Shade Press, 2010 A Guide Through and With Chaos How to describe Hankia Zedek, his philosophy, and review his first published book?  The most appropriate way would be through anecdotes, and what Hanakia’s purpose is. Tao-Zen Verses represents the intersection of these two schools of […]
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Book Review – “Auto-Bio”

Review of “Auto-Bio”, by Peter William Stein Amber Skye Publishing, 2010 Peter’s first full-length collection of poems is ambitious with potential in its themes and delivery mechanism.  Topics such as self, life, death, and God, all attempting to point to the same conclusion – the self is lost amidst the murky landscape –  are […]
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Response to Northography – Unlatched

In response to the latest Northography stimuli titled “Unlatched”: Is the door unlatched and open or unhinged outside the presented view? What else do I not see? A silhouette passed through the yellow light. Glass doorknob cold to the touch so I let go and I wait. I knew moments ago what I was […]
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Essay – What is a Poem

Many people write poetry, or at least have at some time in their life, for various reasons and purpose.  Perhaps while journaling, a poem emerged from a thicket of weeds and grass.  Or when a significant other attacked the heart and soul, the only solace to be found was buried deep within Neruda, Rilke, and […]
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Book Review – “Becoming”

Review of “Becoming”, by D. Garcia Wahl Whistling Shade, 2010 Dylan is a unique voice in American literature and a shining example of what poetry is supposed to be. The images formed from his words and stanzas cross many boundaries and fight successfully to stand-alone atop the rocky shorelines. What we have here are […]
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Book Review – “Waiting”

The following is my book review of “Waiting” by Marya Hornbacher, posted on 06/09/11. Written by someone who does not believe in God and has been through AA and the 12-steps, this book provides a working and grounded guide to spirituality. Reading this with an open mind, and not terribly concerned about the 12-steps themselves, […]
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Book Review – “California”

The following is my book review of “California” by Jennifer Denrow, posted on 06/09/11. I had no expectations going into this, and have been rewarded. Her writing style is very direct, almost like poking a stick at your eye. What is most different, compared to the many poetry books out there, is her form and […]
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