As the year is coming to a close, the heavy thoughts build on top of each other and the reflection back on the experiences and decisions, begs for a break, begs to step away from this for awhile. Too much…. too much information, too much angst and pain. How to shield the eyes, cover with a blindfold, turn and run, run fast, in any direction, looking for an escape.

The northern water and landscape is calling me with a low murmur, the static of water crashing, and the morning sunset over the frozen shoreline. So calm and peaceful the morning light becomes.

A desire for simplicity, a return to our roots and the instincts we subdue in order to survive in the world we ourselves have had a part in creating, even with intentions otherwise, the collective had other ideas.

A return to the basics of nature and survival, the daily tasks that have a purpose, and each purpose feeds another purpose, and the day is defined by what we are willing to give and willing to sacrifice.

Peace for Now

The mind is heavy with thoughts as the snow fall ends and we are left with the aftermath, the heavy blanket across the land, the frozen flowers and trees, and the rabbit’s track at the front door. So simple, so beautiful.

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