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Poem – To the Outside

To the outside we are primitive specks of dust lost on some distant chunk of molten rock destined for an uncertain future defined by the egoistical driven actions we take for ourselves with little regard to the sphere of influence we exert on those around us. We are primitive in our methods and usage of […]
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Movie Review – Edge of Tomorrow

I saw this movie over the weekend and overall thought it was good, 7 to 8 out of 10 stars. Definitely a mishmash of many movies, but the plot is somewhat unique.  There is also an edge of humor, especially around the fact that Tom Cruises’ character keeps getting killed in different ways, and the […]
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Poem – Edge of Tomorrow

I awoke in a space lacking light or dark. I was not sure if my eyes were open or if I was seeing the inside of my mind. I was cold but not shivering. A breeze began to blow across my face. From an unknown direction and source I heard a voice. Garbled, soft, almost […]
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