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Poem – Strings

Moments I feel disconnected from the activity surrounding and swallowing me. The words heavy, actions sharp, the light too much to see. I want to live peacefully and cast a wide net but the fields are overgrown, the boulders too large, the obstacles too many. Those we do not know beyond what we are fed […]
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Quantum Physics Came From the Vedas

An article that examines and discusses the historical origination of Quantum Mechanics from ancient Hinduism philosophy and texts – the Vedic texts. http://www.krishnapath.org/quantum-physics-came-from-the-vedas-schrodinger-einstein-and-tesla-were-all-vedantists/

Poem – Mountain King

Mountain shadows swallow the valley. A single path cuts through dense and overgrown vegetation beneath the ancient forest and persistent shining moon. Millions of years have passed unnoticed to the solitary figure walking alone down this path. He has not rested, has has not slept. He has met no other being. He is the mountain […]
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Poem – One

The world is large, sphere-like and hurtling through space. Life began in primordial forms billions of years before giving the life we have through complex processes. At some point in ancient history of the human species we merged from the same source from the same cells and sub-atomic parts. We are one and in this […]
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Poem – I Touched the Moon

The other evening under an August sky a faint Orion stood tall next to the moon. I wrapped my arms around the softness felt ancient love, a timeless longing. I touched the moon

Poem – That Delicate Balance

I listen and watch the stories unfold of tragedy and unrest of the mountains unease. There is no escaping the silent truths under whispered breath – we are at her mercy. In the throes of spring I swim within my own journey and the resurrection I undertook with your hand gently upon my shoulder and […]
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Poem – Here Not Here

I was there and I was not there. Letting go of reasons and questions I weaved in and out of the space out of the chaos… I saw light… Over and beyond the trees wavering, floating. Nothing moved except the light and my physical self operating on instinct, synchorized with the mind through a fragile […]
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Poem – The Sky is Burning

The black sky of antiquity replaced by what we do not know what we fear. In the depths of thought do we remember the ancient rituals and sacrifice at the base of each tree, at the shoreline, at our fingertips? The burning sky approaches from the south, consuming what we do not know what we […]
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Poem – Goddess of Light

This poem is one of 12 or so from a series I wrote about and based in Egypt.  I will post a few of these over time, and I hope to complete the series at some point in this lifetime. Goddess of Light Pearl white columns, stories tall Marble pathway at my feet Slight breeze, […]
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At Sea

The midnight sun greets each sailor lost at sea, searching for a port sheltered from the wind-swept ocean off the coast of Brimnes. A swell battering against the hull… Knock… Knock… Ancient trees, glued together, forming the skeleton of my vessel cracking and swaying its moan echoes across the ocean the lighted gateway shimmers across […]
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