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Photos from Lutsen – 04/14/16

Lookout Mountain

Early spring and the trails are still covered with snow and ice. The sun finally visits and provides warmth for the rest of the journey.

Poem – As I

As I watch the April sunrise across the turbulent waters I am reminded again of my place beneath cedar and pine while sitting on the rocks with two puppies.

Poetry – Mark Doty – To Jackson Pollock

To Jackson Pollock Mark Doty Last night somebody murdered a young tree on Seventh Avenue between 18th and 19th—only two in that block, and just days ago we’d taken refreshment in the crisp and particular shade of that young ginkgo’s tight leaves, its beauty and optimism, though I didn’t think of that word until the […]
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Poetry – Jim Harrison – Return

“Return” by Jim Harrison The sun’s warm against slats of the granary, a puddle of ice in the shadow of the steps; my uncle’s hound lopes across the winter wheat, fresh green cold green. The windmill long out of use, screeches and twists in the wind. Spring day, too loud for talk, when bones tire […]
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Poem – Carl Sandburg – Fog

This reader suggested poem is “Fog” by Carl Sandburg. The fog comes on little cat feet. It sits looking over harbor and city on silent haunches and then moves on. Poem shared from the following resources. http://carl-sandburg.com/fog.htm http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/174299

2016 National Poetry Month

With April just around the corner, National Poetry Month is upon us. I will be posting selections from writers I have been influenced by over the years, including John Haines of course, to this blog and over at Stone Path Review. If anyone has suggested writers and personal favorites please share here as I would […]
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Poem – Reminiscent

As the months melt away into weeks and days the memories become stronger bouncing from everywhere fast and furious they fill waking thoughts and serve as a reminder that reminiscing not only keeps someone’s memory alive but reminds you of the path they created for you of the person they believed you are.

Poem – Fire

Winter is finally put to rest, for now, as the sky turns black and the forest bends in the hour filled with frequent strikes and increasing intensity, the dry earth quick to give up secrets, quick to burn before the rain arrives.

Spring is Here

What else to do on April first with 80 degrees and sun? Spend time with these two…