Volume 3, issue 11 of Stone Path Review is now available for your reading pleasure.

This issue features an interview with a goat farmer, Beth Donovan; photography by A.J. Huffman, Aaron Bowen, Brian Biggs, Claire Ibarra, Galen Faison, and John Sikkila; and writing by David Rutter, J.B. Mulligan, Jeffrey Willius, John Michael Flynn, Kathleen Lindstrom, Kathryn Hujda, Michael Gould, Michael K. Gause, and Sarah Nour.


Stone Path Review Summer 2014

Stone Path Review: Stone Path Review Summer 2014

Latest issue of the artistic journal Stone Path Review featuring an interview with a goat farmer, poetry, short stories, and images of people and nature.

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Some great news for Stone Path Review as we continue to connect artists with each other and publish unique, fresh, and stimulating written and visual pieces.  We are now listed with Duotrope.  Here is the link – https://duotrope.com/market_10457.aspx – if you would like to learn more about the journal and how you can submit your work.


thumbs_cover-photo_02-1The Winter 2013 edition of Stone Path Review, with poetry, short stories, photography, and a featured artist, has been published and is ready for your enjoyment.  A PDF and print version will be available shortly.  This issue features the following artists: Aaron Bowen, Ashley Dull, Carl Sandburg, Chris Roe, Craig Steele, Dweep Mustang, Felice Scrittore, Greg Morton, Hanakia Zedek, Mike Finley, and William Ricci.

Please visit the website www.stonepathreview.org, read the current issue, back issues and other artistic content that we have.

We published the latest edition of Stone Path Review on the official website and it is also available as a PDF for reading, printing, and saving at www.issuu.com.

Stone Path Review Artistic Journal is an online magazine about the paths we create and the media we use to express that path and the experience. Includes poems, poetry, prose, short stories, photographs, music, video, paintings, prose. Publishes quarterly.

Dear artistic friends;

Stone Path Review is an artistic journal that we (Patricia of Twisted Root Studios and I) started last year. We have published two online issues thus far and are reviewing submissions for the upcoming Summer and Fall 2012 issues. We would appreciate and welcome submissions of any media and genre somewhat loosely related to our mission and goals.

There is no submission fee, and will never be a submission fee. We are artists dedicated to artists.

We welcome artists of any level, style, experience – we just want your artistic pieces.

We are unique, not only in what we are looking for, but also that we will provide personal feedback, constructive criticism, and what we liked about your work.

Please visit Stone Path Review, read our guidelines and previous issues, and use our submission manager to send in your work.

Thank you
~ Stone Path Review editors