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Poem – Beast

Do each of us have a monster inside a beast we strive to hide from the world, those close we love, and from our self? At the end of each day what are we truly running from? What shadows lurk in the forest and what shadows do we carry? Across the fields with scattered snow […]
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Poem – Beneath the Surface

I keep it within reach just beneath the surface. It is always awake with eyes open watching me and ready to arise at the simplest command always there beneath the surface. Time has not soften the beast. Time has not taken away the power. Over and through the years I have learned to control when […]
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Poem – The Physical Manifestation of the Mind, Part 3

In a deep fog, a wakeful sleep, a field lit by ten-thousand lanterns reflects the chaotic sky passing through different sets of reality, a physical manifestation of the struggle, of the storm taking hold. In this clear moment, a disconnected view of what is true I let go of attachment and emotion and take hold […]
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Poem – The Physical Manifestation of the Mind, Part 2

The threads fade into the background as the scene silences and I am left with basic and primal instincts, disconnected from the imagined physical world, pushing aside forced projections and loose words from false gods and prophets – my inner beast runs into the fields.