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Poem – Morning Sky and Birds

Early morning walk to the empty fields and the blue sky filled with birds. Wind through the trees refreshing as closed eyes cleared the mind making room for nature.

Poem – That Cabin in the Woods

That cabin in the woods, nestled beneath second generation pine planted after the last logging, waits for our visit. Snow caught in tree-tops meanders through the winter sky covering the green roof in a smooth slope where acorns speed to the ground. Ravens ever present toward the open fields, near the old silo base, they […]
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Poem – Small Moments Lasting a Lifetime

The biting cold of wind carrying water off the lake. A sun rising behind the grey storm clouds still in the distance. Ice encased tree on the rocky point. Frozen mist carried along the surface. Berries cling to barren branches providing food to robin and chickadee.

Morning Antics

Up with a beautiful end of January sunrise, we walked and played with spring creeping in slowly.

Poem – Beyond the Clouds There is Hope

After the smoke clears and unnatural sounds dissipate the valley, mountains, and river return. The mountain shadow continues the journey started millions of years before and the river moves animals and earth further downstream to fertile lands and eventually to the delta spreading its fingers for miles with long threads reaching into the sea. For […]
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Birds – Washington, 2011

Going through some photos from a trip 2-years ago to Washington and Mt. Rainier.  These were taken at a popular area where the birds were obviously used to being fed. Photos by Twisted Root Studios