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Essay – Rebirth in Alaska

Introduction The experiences and premise of this essay are from a 2007 expedition to Alaska through the guiding company Exposure Alaska. “We speak of nature, of the natural world, as if that were something distinct from ourselves and the social world we appear to have made, seldom noticing that we are in nature and never […]
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Alaska 2013 – Summary

I have been away for awhile, taking a break from the corporate world and losing myself in nature. Accepting that part of me that desires to challenge my mental and physical health, I spent nine days in Alaska. Seven were taking advantage of what is Alaska and dealing with what it throws at you. At […]
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What Else

I stand before the great mirror of antiquity trying desperately, almost in vain, to understand what I see and where this came from, what process created that face and expression, the eyes peering back at me and the questions, so full of questions. I stand before Blackstone glacier and the refelction has changed, so too […]
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