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Poem – What is Still, Still Moves

Heart of winter is ironic as nothing moves in this cold there is no hot blood though veins keeping extremities alive. As I stand frozen on the patio even my breath escapes slightly before the immortalized words hang in the air. There is a shift in what you see when the clearest blue sky collides […]
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New Poetry on Beneath the Remains (2)

New poetry has been posted on “Beneath the Remains.” Blood Voice with no Voice

Poem – Blood

Time passes with nothing, with no stake in what happens next. It is pure in its motivations, its actions, and its silence. Yet we tie and bind time to history, marked points of moments and events and ask the question: “Do you remember that time when…?” Time is a bystander to what we choose do […]
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Poem – Beginning of a Season in Hell

I am petrified, The walls surrounding me Reaching towards Heaven and Hell Thoughts consumed, Turn towards the past What I had and lost and what I gave up I see her image, Like I remember Her warm touch, Her warm tears upon my cheek A deep voice to protect me Further back I travel to […]
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Poem – Circle

The path I now walk circles and oscillates between two lives I struggle to be a part of I struggle to define. Each has merits and fulfillment each brings me closer to the being my past and my future conspired to create, so why do I struggle in the present? That life I judge myself […]
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