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Zen Master – Quote by Dogen

Eihei Dogen (1200-1253) Founder of Japanese Soto Zen “Studying the Buddha Way is studying oneself.  Studying oneself is forgetting oneself.  Forgetting oneself is being enlightened by all things.  Being enlightened by all things is causing the body-mind of oneself and the body-mind of others to be shed.  There is ceasing the traces of enlightenment, which […]
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Poem – Untitled War

Sun bleached dress Vibrant orange into dull peach Days wear long upon my body Sun deepens, light spreading to my bones One last request, please A meal, a word, an exit Give me dignity and grace, allow my family a place To bring flowers and pictures and whiskey

Poem – Ravaged

an empty road cuts various swaths through empty, arid fields until it stops. an object prostrated exactly where the road ends, the fields border. this impasse familiar, repeated. beyond the body unknown landscape or wasteland. disconnected, detached we watch events unfold. again. unaware of the role we play. a vulture descends from nowhere wrapped in […]
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