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Poem – Home

In the first minutes of light time stops and I cease to exist as a physical presence and become a flicker in the air. Without name or boundaries I now exist free and at home.

Poem – Boundaries

In these chaotic times dancing on the edge of belief and moral code, what I see and you see are opposite, conflicting, cast across hardened boundaries fought with might until death. But, light and shadow are caused by the same processes derive from the same energy, are one in the same. Let’s pickup the fragments […]
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Poem – Boundaries and Borders That We Find That We Cross

Standing at the shoreline I awake when the sun peaks over the horizon and the waves crawl across frozen rock and cover my feet. I do not know how long I have been here at this border between the land and the sea. I have vague recollections of why I am here. You see, years […]
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Poem – 13 Years – 9/11

13 Years (1) An arctic sunrise opens this day – cold, calm, and reflective. The sky burns today but not the way it did 13 years ago. Scattered across the deep blue colors from every palette converge and blend, overlapping, without boundaries, without hate. (2) At the edge splitting humanity we gather and watch 2977 […]
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What can be said

Unnerving silence following tragedy when hundreds of voices became unheard. I’ve never seen any of your faces until now through photos random glimpses and a summary of a life shortened swiftly. Birds gather across the open sky and we join hands across boundaries across borders and across cultures because we are human and in this […]
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