When I see the evening sun
gracefully fall into the forest

and the last rays sweep across the sky
I hear the slow progression of cello and violin

as the music makes room in me for these rare
moments and feelings of peace.

I have been down that road
many times in this life

hoping that what is unknown and unseen
would change, a different result would be waiting

but after years of chasing shadows
and fleeing from truths steeped in stars

I found you waiting beneath the setting sun.

Recently I discovered the wonderful music of cellist Zoe Keating. She is a champion of the arts and independent musicians. On February 19th, her husband passed away from cancer. With her music filled with such emotion and expansive energy, listening to it now has a new light.

It’s been some time since I wrote about music, and anything new I have picked up. Music is one thing I look forward to and helps me get through work, writing, and life. On a typical day, I am plugged in for about 10-hours of non-stop music. I go through trends and try and be open minded, but at my core I have a weakness for Icelandic, neo-classical (violin, cello, piano, mixed with electronic), and electronic/dub-step/dance.

In no particular order, this what I have picked up the past couple of months.

  1. Alva Noto – Xerrox, Vol 2 (2008)
  2. Alexander Popov – Personal Way (2013)
  3. Dog Blood – Middle Finger, Pt. 2 (ft. Skrillex) (2013)
  4. Boys Noize – Out of the Black (2012)
  5. Agent Fresco – A Long Time Listening (2012)
  6. Johann Johannsson – Virthulegu Forsetar (2003)
  7. Zoe Keating – Into the Trees (2010)
  8. Zoe Keating – One Cello x 16: Natoma (2005)
  9. Halou – Halou (2008)
  10. Zero 7 – When it Falls (2004)
  11. Datsik – Vitamin D (2012)
  12. Datsik – Let it Burn (2013)
  13. Datsik – Cold Blooded (2013)
  14. Bassnectar – Vava Voom (2012)