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Story – Tunnels Chapter 1

Tunnels of My Childhood, Chapter 1 By, Felice Scrittore Photo by Twisted Root Studios It was a hot summer day in 1967. The kind of sultry heat that curls the leaves of the towering ancient oak tree in the backyard of my grandmother’s house. The wind was strong but not strong enough to give relief […]
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Short Story – Tunnels

In Stone Path Review, we have published the first 3 chapters of a story titled “Tunnels of my Childhood”.  It is about growing up in Northeast Minneapolis and is written by Felice Scrittore.  In the upcoming Winter issue we will be publishing chapter 4 and I thought it would be a good idea to include them […]
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Summer on 41st

Stretching eager fingers, ready to continue on a new piece with the working title of “A Season in Hell”.  Not very original, however, a tribute to one of my favorite writers Arthur Rimbaud.  I look over the empty streets from my office.  The unimpeded sun heats black tar and the day has the hazy look […]
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Poem – A Child Waits

In honor of Mother’s Day and including pops, a poem. A child five years old waits patiently, the door has not opened for some time, a dining room chair methodically collects dust. Three dinner plates have become two, seemingly overnight. One kiss upon my forehead, though different, something new as the touch and embrace last […]
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Words and Actions

Back in 2009, I had a short story published at Whispering Angel Books about my grandfather.  It was titled “Grandpa’s Words and Actions”.  I have included it below. Rugged facial features and expressions, like that of mountain men in history books standing atop the highest peak and planting a flag for their country, shaped by […]
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Spring Preview

A walk around Silver Lake allowed the coming spring to enter a tired and worn mind. Thoughts of previous years and a childhood so long ago surfaced with a fierceness that reenergized the purpose within.