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Poem – Clearing

From the collection “Beyond the Border Kingdom“, the 13th and final poem. (1) threads hang openly defining a life – what happens when they are pulled or cut? does the puppet fall? who will mend the broken legs? one by one the headlights pass through silence and growing fog hidden unknown faces travel into hidden […]
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Beyond the Border Kingdom – Poem 13 Posted – Clearing

From the collection”Beyond the Border Kingdom“. Into the Wild Beyond Here The Border Kingdom Concrete Supernova Reflections Remains of the Day Snowy Field Bartered Reality This Valley is Filled With Death This is Life Shifted Wolves Ravaged Clearing

Poem – What Remains

What remains shrouded in smoke behind the veil we created? What is left when the empty field clears and our eyes open? So many questions remain at the end of each day with little reprieve to find the answers. The fires build and we respond or let them burn out with no intervention. I return […]
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