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Poem – Absentia #2

Absent of light the canvas becomes black – in the blackness there is not nothing – there is everything we choose to show, to expose, to translate from the memories and images into a masterpiece – who can judge art when colors, shapes, lines, splatters, and disconnected images are the hands interpretation of the mind’s […]
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Rain and Fall

A beautiful early fall day in Minnesota. Grey clouds let go of rain upon the yellow, red, and orange leaves finally making an appearance.  The grass greened over night and the remnants of summer have washed away for the time being. Nature is all around, but the rain brings hidden creatures from the soil, leaves […]
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Jackson Pollock Poem – Fragment, Chaos

I stand above the floor scrambled mess of lines, blobs and various colors – and I feel peace and this makes sense nothing is linear or flows in one direction the chaos of multiple thoughts and emotions from infinite sources eventually swirls inward and collides, the resulting entanglement, the explosion a representation of the mind’s […]
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