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Poem – Tears

I hear the news and see static images of people, real people, cast into life changing and ending moments, and with no visible or obvious connection between us, except being human, except occupying this earth, I cry.

Poem – Pain

The night falls quickly as the sun escapes the horizon and reaches across the calm sea to the shoreline where a lone figure stands atop boulders. There is no sound and no trees move. In the absolute silence no words are spoken. We can only guess the thoughts, the circumstances that brought this being here, […]
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Poem – Strings

Moments I feel disconnected from the activity surrounding and swallowing me. The words heavy, actions sharp, the light too much to see. I want to live peacefully and cast a wide net but the fields are overgrown, the boulders too large, the obstacles too many. Those we do not know beyond what we are fed […]
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Poem – Life is

Life is… This current state of awareness, the energy we intake and let go. Life is… The framework we carry the morals we exhibit. Life is… Our actions bound to the people and the earth.

Poem – An Eye Turned Inward

It is frighteningly easy to give up hope and lose a sense of place and purpose when the earth is scorched and the people are lost. Miles and oceans separate lives, cultures, borders, and tragedies. Arbitrary definitions aim to keep lines drawn and natural tendencies in check, but this only suppresses the internal instincts, the […]
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Poem – Through Silence

Through silence I find the universe’s voice and when balanced it is a reflection of myself. Midnight sky. White dots. So many they blend into a haze across what astronomers measure in parsecs – whatever the official distance or definition I know this – I stand in awe at the heavens, the light, and energy […]
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Beginning Deep Ecology

Continuing to read “Cultivating the Empty Fields“, the translator makes a comment that Hongzhi’s teachings , who lived from 1091 to 1157, presage the modern philosophical movement of Deep Ecology.  I had not heard of this movement and school of thought until this passage, which goes on to make the connection that not only are clouds […]
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I came across this photo on Facebook and cannot help but be mesmerized by their faces and everything it symbolizes.  These are Japanese Macaque, also called Snow Monkeys.  They appear to be in a hot spring, possibly in Japan.  I find it impossible to look at this, their face, expressions, and not know we are […]
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