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Author Focus – John Haines

I first learned of John Haines while taking a class at the Loft Literary Center a few years ago.  From the first poem I was hooked.  I have every book of his, some first editions, and one signed that I was fortunate to find. Mr. Haines also wrote many essays about nature, the world at […]
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9/11 Poems

A few poems I have written over the years are now available for reading.  They are located here. 9/11 9/11 (3-Years) 9/11 (Imagine) 9/11 (Never Forget) Don’t Forget Your Boots

Dear Mr. President

Now that the smoke has cleared and months of campaigning are over, it’s time to step back and figure out where we go from here.  First, I did not vote for you, but congratulations.  I mean that sincerely since there is only forward from here, and any anger and hostility must be put aside.  I […]
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A Poem of Discontent

Disillusioned is the title we take my generation fighting back against the call and allure of profits at the expense of identity and the land our tears fall upon. We will not hide, we will not keep quiet, our voice will reach each darkened corner, each soul pushed aside, left within the cold confines of […]
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