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Poem – Beneath the Surface, On the Edge

A follow-up to a previous post – Beneath the Surface What lies beneath the surface, the playground of ancient times, lands ruled by survival, raw and primal, we forever live on some edge with a defensive posture ready to protect at all costs. That slippery edge of snow and ice straddling deep valleys, like the […]
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Poem – Apathy

With an apathetic look in tired eyes he turned away from the edge, hundreds of feet above the turbulent waters, and walked toward the forest, across the empty road absent of any traffic since the morning, into the cultivated fields, curiously empty, and sat next to the stone marker and finally wept.

Random 9/11 Thoughts

(1) A depth of feeling carried each day buried into the subconscious of each witness, born into each offspring, burned into humanities collective. (2) Questions will always outweigh the answers when we attempt and desire to look beneath the surface, the material evidence, the words and images – we want the person’s thoughts, state of […]
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Poem – Memories

On the cusp between two worlds the fine edge we walk through each day. One world filled with the memories we choose to keep. The other filled with what we have left behind. In the current understanding time is a persistent reference a way to communicate and exist within this space. But memories operate independently […]
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The Glassmaker is…

calling to me.  I guess I should back up from here.  What is actually calling me, is me.  My internal sense of where I am in life, how I live each day, is awake .  It is uneasy with the current state of the within and without.  It is pushing back to the surface all […]
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Fragment 1

I am awake and waiting to awake. This nature of being being within nature. Fog swallows the landscape the knowledge I desire to swallow. Cold clear dead sky wavers reality wavers between life and death. I am awake in the evening therefore the evening has awakened. I see the black sky the black sky sees […]
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