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Poem – What is Left After the Words

The slow music fades into the background. The thoughts and words I am left with feel hollow and weak, they have lost meaning. I throw all of the words away in an attempt to start again after some time has passed and the raw emotion becomes real. I start down the path collecting what best […]
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Poem – Blood

Time passes with nothing, with no stake in what happens next. It is pure in its motivations, its actions, and its silence. Yet we tie and bind time to history, marked points of moments and events and ask the question: “Do you remember that time when…?” Time is a bystander to what we choose do […]
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Latest Stone Path Review Newsletter

News and events from artists and friends of Stone Path Review. Newsletter can be read here. Here is a link to all previous newsletters.

Today’s Music

To wash away the stress that is life, I have given myself to Richard Skelton and Olafur Arnalds. Wading into the pool of ambient, classical, and slightly electronic, my mind is able to step back, regroup, and dive back in. This weekend is filled with poetry readings and other literary events around the Twin Cities […]
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