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Poem – In the Aftermath

In the aftermath we become introspective and concerned with immediacy, the ones most near, and once settled, we look up beyond our fate here and hope for hope.

Poem – Questions

Questions litter the sandy ground like fallen leaves curled and brown. I walk around them, careful to not step on unanswered questions. For now I am the winter solstice plunged into the dark, avoiding light until the next transition arrives. That path I place both feet upon now crumbles with each step. What do we […]
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As one door closes, another opens. An old saying, yes, and for the most part makes sense. However, I like the idea that, when one door closes, there was already five open. In the midst of a transition as I take stock of life, I am opening many doors, and with a child-like curiosity, peeking […]
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Movie – The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

I recently watched The Adjustment Bureau for the 3rd time. This film stars Matt Damon and Emily Blunt as two people mired in the struggle to define themselves and their purpose while other hands play with their path, and fate. The basic premise of the movie is this: a higher power writes and re-writes the path we are […]
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A Gift

Today is my girlfriends (have everything but the ring) son’s birthday.  He is 25 and in the military, dedicated to this great country. I made the decision many years ago to not have children of my own, and was fine being with someone who already did.  When I met Patricia, and over the ensuing years, […]
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