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  • Poem – The Road

    Poem – The Road

    The road into the distant sky seems untouchable, the journey seems impossible, but this is the start, this is only the beginning, if I choose to walk. I return to that road whenever direction is needed whenever I need a reminder of the path at my feet that I choose to forget. How to bring…

  • Poem – At Every Turn

    At every turn. Life. The decisions we have made the decisions made without us. The people we have forgotten. Yet, here we are beneath another sun on another day with another chance. To move beyond our mistakes with the knowledge and experience we have gained. None of the challenges are greater than what we see…

  • Looking Forward

    Whatever is forward becomes the present before becoming the past and with eyes open we absorb nature in all of its glory.

  • Loss of Words

    Days spent watching and listening to the news. Anxiety creeps in with each headline with each story and tragedy. Step after step toward the cliff little time remains to salvage fragents of humanity the fractured souls becoming all of us. ~ I want to express the extreme sadness that consumes my being and the futile…