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  • Poem – In the Silence

    Poem – In the Silence

    In the stationary silence I seek answers that already lie at me feet. I look for skies that already fill my vision. And I seek truth to my purpose that has played out for hundreds of years. What hands move the pieces in this universe? What hands guide the universes along the surface of the…

  • Video – Winter Grains

    Two videos from early Christmas Day with crystal blue skies, strong wind, and below 0 temperatures.

  • Poem – Excerpt #2 from Sand Shadows

    The following are excerpts from a new piece I am writing called “Sand Shadows”. Excerpt #2 Grey sky meets the field past the mountain range, past forest and beyond the fertile waters. One bowl I carry down dusty roads, scattered snow fills my bowl enough to drink. Children run from yipping dogs chickens waiting for…

  • Poem – From Sand Shadows

    The following is from a new piece I am writing called “Sand Shadows”. Sitting at the stone table across from an empty setting – the space is filled with grains of sand. I have no recollection of where these may have come from, no memory of arriving here. The sky is grey and swollen, and…