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How you can use your camera to get closer to Zen

A short article Tricycle (The Buddhist Review) on photography and finding your zen, inner peace. https://tricycle.org/trikedaily/zen-photography/

Summer issue of Stone Path Review now available

Volume 3, issue 11 of Stone Path Review is now available for your reading pleasure. This issue features an interview with a goat farmer, Beth Donovan; photography by A.J. Huffman, Aaron Bowen, Brian Biggs, Claire Ibarra, Galen Faison, and John Sikkila; and writing by David Rutter, J.B. Mulligan, Jeffrey Willius, John Michael Flynn, Kathleen Lindstrom, […]
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New Art Project – Beneath the Remains

I have some new poetry posted over at Beneath the Remains. Of Tide and Time, by Hanakia Zedek What I Create, by William Ricci This is Life, by William Ricci Beneath the Remains is about: “Here we focus on raw images and words from the ruins, from the real world that is often swept away, […]
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Fall 2013 Stone Path Review

The 8th issue of Stone Path Review has been published. This marks the closure of our second year of publishing. What started out as a simple idea with no long-term plan has become an extension of our passion and appreciation of the arts. We look forward to the third year and beyond and will rollout […]
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Summer 2013 Available for Download and Printing

The Summer 2013 issue of Stone Path Review is now available for downloading as a PDF and for printing. Stone Path Review: Summer 2013 Summer issue of Stone Path Review featuring poetry, images, and the photography of Ben Coffman.

Summer 2013 – Stone Path Review

The Summer 2013 issue of Stone Path Review is now published and ready for your reading and viewing pleasure. This issue features an interview with Ben Coffman; poetry by Brendan Sullivan, Changming Yuan, Les Wicks, Peycho Kanev, and Tricia Knoll; photography and drawings by A.J. Huffman, Ben Coffman, Joezel Jang, and W. Jack Savage. Thank you […]
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Today’s Music and Jackson Pollock

Today, a beautiful sunny day, is brought to you by “State of Trance”, mixed by Alexander Popov. Something recently compelled me to return to Jackson Pollock. I have seen the movie released in 2000, directed and starred in by Ed Harris many times, but had not read the biography the movie is based on. I […]
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