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Software Developer Comics

Just found the excellent and all to close to home comic “Don’t Hit Save” – www.donthitsave.com

Poem – Roots

I walk the worn dirt path circling the overgrown fields where the winds have abated and the grass, flowers, and trees have grown deep roots while the land has gone back in time before the cities of industry.

Poem – Searching in the Wasteland – Part 1

I see you across the distance a face not known yet I feel a connection and I would follow you but the space elongates. I woke walking through an unfamiliar valley of overturned sand, the walls not earth but fragments and rusted steel reminders of a history of time forgotten now unearthed and the memories […]
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Poem – Random Thoughts #2

Oak holds up the changing sky. What is beyond insanity? At what point do we lose the essence of self, cascading into another state of being, plunged into the darkness that is nothing and everything? And with each turn the city of industry hides, changes, destroys what I previously knew and where I came from.

Poem – Crowd gathers in a cold city, in February

A slow sunrise behind rooftops and elm. Winters breath across a frozen lake. Flock of birds heading east near silence their cry. Airplanes shadow across the stone bridge. A crowd gathers in line for coffee and doughnuts. A child passes on a rusted red bicycle. A few people turn and watch him ascend the hill […]
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