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Poem – Preparing

I watch the sun fall into the earth and the forest retreat into the shadows. I watch ravens make one last flight this day and the fields consume the rising moon. I try to take hold of today and let go of tomorrow. But I know changes are near and that we are not alone.

Poem – The Search

The sound of metal scraping across rock strewn fields is not the imagination filling time with stories and distracting thoughts away from what appears to be inevitable. No, that really is the machines emerging from the dense forest. That is the machines rewiring fluid thoughts, adapting to the immediate environment while focusing on the assigned […]
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Poem – Perhaps the Ravens Were the Dream

Awakened by raven screams from the top of trees above the rocky shoreline, I briefly let go of the dream I was lost within. I wait. Hoping for its’ return. Perhaps the ravens were the dream. When the integration process started there were no words exchanged, no way to communicate until we discovered the universal […]
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