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Enra – Pleiades

A cherographed music, dance, and light number that truly is an extension, a bridge from here to where we came from. A beautiful peace that amazed me with how the dancers interacted with the light and the story being told. More information at http://enra.jp

Article – Why are Christians Turning to Buddhism?

A well-writen article discussing Christianity and Buddhism. A question at the core of my belief is why is there so much bickering and hate in the world, and the view that “my way is better than your way”? Why are views so rigid and thrown in the face of others? Why is it so difficult […]
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Poetry Month – Poems By Zen Masters

The following translations are from the book Original Teachings of Chan Buddhism, by Chang Chun-Yuan, A Vintage Book, 1971. From Master Tsao-shan He who says that a dragon is singing in the dry woods Is he who truly sees Tao. The skull has no consciousness, But wisdom’s eye begins to shine in it. If joy […]
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Empty Field Dharma Resources

I have read many books, different views, and different schools of thought. Everything I study now is focused on Japanese and Tibetan Buddhism, which have slightly varied paths, for lack of a better word. When I read and think about each, the Japanese makes more sense and resonates deeper within. 1. Tibetan Buddhism Mahayana – […]
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New Project – Empty Field Dharma

I have started a new site dedicated to information and discussion around the Empty Field Dharma. The concept of an Empty Field is derived from Zen Master Hongzhi from the book “Cultivating the Empty Field” and the Soto Zen school of Buddhism. I have read many books, different views, and different schools of thought. Everything […]
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Season’s Haiku – A 365 Day Journey

Back in 2008, I started a project with the goal of writing one haiku, in the 5-7-5 format, each day for one year.  This went from 02/16/2008 to 02/14/2009 and resulted in a 62 page book of mostly nature themed haiku.  It was daunting challenge but kept me writing and thinking about writing when I […]
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Senzing Zen

This blog will officially move to its new domain in a few days.  The logo has been updated along with the header image.  The website, www.senzingzen.com has the following meaning: The sensing and feeling of the energy and dynamism of Zen. In my recent studies of various philosophies and schools of thought, I keep coming […]
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