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  • Autumn Thoughts

    Autumn Thoughts

    Speeding through November with December around the corner, a pause is warranted in the daily flow to reflect, to think, to breath. The sun settles into the horizon earlier as darkness consumes more time and the cold encourages us to seek more warmth within ourselves. The day emerges slowly with orange and purple streaks as…

  • Poem – Each Day

    As my years have passed more slowly now that I stop sometimes to catch a deep breath and really inhale the rising scent of pine, I see that each day is a gift and the time in my past cannot be changed, and the future is always shrouded in mystery, and I can only live…

  • snow blow.

    snow blow.
  • From a Puppy

    We brought Leroy home in early 2011, shortly after I returned from Alaska.  I was apprehensive of bringing this tiny life home and the responsibility that came with her.  Would we be good pet owners, provide the right nutrition, walks, exercise, training, keep her safe?  What do we do when traveling, or simply running errands?…