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Poem – The Old Barn 2

This is the second of three parts to the “Old Barn” poems. The Oklahoma Barn 1 In the summer of 1974, I spent 3-months with grandma and grandpa Batcher at the farm on the plains of eastern Oklahoma, surrounded by fireweed and roses. 2 I remember our second summer together, and the first road trip […]
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Poem – The Old Barn

An old abandoned barn lies on the east side of town, at the end of Baker’s road, where the tar abruptly changes to gravel, dusty this time of year as rain has been scarce and the crops are wilting coming up the driveway, a neglected John Deere greets you with rust and smeared green paint, […]
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Short Story – Woman with Buggy

This short story is my first serious attempt at something other than poetry, and a desire to share with everyone. Since our visit to Iceland was in 2004, this story has been in the works for 8 years. It is based on people we met and cultural places that we visited. Below is part 1 […]
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