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Poem – Pathway

I see a life in the distance away from here and this moment of loss. I see a change on the horizon away from the struggle and terror. I see above a way forward through the pathway to the heavens.

Poem – Through the Forest

Through the forest with only my thoughts and the morning sun reflecting off ice and snow. Through the forest the sky moves and the cold wind shuffles and conceals. The previous days fall away, my mind begins to empty and the wind carries away the fragments. Free of what is no longer needed the feelings […]
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Poem – What I Create

When the silence falls, Like a rock over the cliff They come back to me Thoughts I cannot control Thoughts I cannot stop. I fear silence The absence of being Exemplified by nothingness Leaving me alone with my thoughts, Nothing there to block Nothing there to stop They run wild Filling my mind with worlds […]
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Poem – Circle

The path I now walk circles and oscillates between two lives I struggle to be a part of I struggle to define. Each has merits and fulfillment each brings me closer to the being my past and my future conspired to create, so why do I struggle in the present? That life I judge myself […]
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