A new year brings changes around here.  A new theme was applied to allow more area for content and images and to simplify the colors and layout.

The most significant change is the addition of content from Stone Path Magazine.  All of the issues and print editions are available to read and download and all interviews have been posted.

Hello everyone! Just a quick post. We are changing the name of Stone Path Review to Stone Path Review & Magazine and have a new website at http://www.stonepathmagazine.com.

We will be posting more selective and personal writings and photography and working on a redesign. More information to come.


The following newsletter was sent out today regarding Stone Path Review, our artistic journal and our publishing company, Enso Press, LLC.

As we close out 2014 having completed our 3rd year with 12 issues, we have been looking back and of course looking forward. After hard and honest thinking about Stone Path Review specifically and in general the Enso Press, LLC business, we have decided to not publish the quarterly journal in 2015. The time and dedication it requires and deserves to craft a quarterly journal is becoming a bit much, and we would like to step back and refocus our creativity.

The Stone Path Review website will remain and be active as new artwork will be posted there from time to time. We will still conduct interviews that are important and timely, but the quarterly journal will be on-hold.

For Enso Press, LLC, the other projects will keep moving forward as more time will be dedicated to them. This includes film production (Around Here) and collections of poetry (Beyond the Border Kingdom, Students Guide to Zen) among other things we have under wraps.

Additionally the better half of Stone Path Review, Patricia, will be concentrating on her studio and photography. News and exciting updates will be posted to http://www.twistedrootstudios.com

To the artists who have trusted your work with us, we cannot thank you enough. You are why we started Stone Path Review in the first place, and have made the past 3-years a memorable journey and an experience we will take with to our next projects.

We have quite a few open submissions and I will be gracefully rejecting them with a summary of the above and our gratitude.

Future updates and communications will also come through this newsletter as well as the Stone Path Review website and our Facebook page. All links are included below.

Stone Path Review: http://www.stonepathreview.org
Enso Press: http://ensopress.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stone-Path-Review/273709699341934?ref=hl
Latest Issue: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/823370?__r=322616

I am honored to share a recommendation and link to a new publication from Mike Finley and Danny Klecko called “LIEF Magazine“.  They also have a group on Facebook dedicated to this new and exciting publication.  Please download and/or read the magazine.  All comments and suggestions are welcome – please post them here or on the group’s Facebook page.

From the group and magazine’s description:

“Lief Magazine is an idea Mike Finley has come up with in order to have some fun. Lief Magazine will be an irregular, net-based magazine with fun stuff in it, the kind of thing you want to swat with one hand and say, How do you like that?

It will be like a secret publication, a club for Mike’s friends and maybe their friends to belong to and enjoy. It should be a magazine that is a little goofy, philosophical, funny, and trippy. Not a burden to the reader but a happy blessing. I don’t want it to be a “literary magazine” — more of a fun project that will probably last 2-3 issues and fade into even greater oblivion.

Invitees are asked to submit entries — poem-like things, funny or mind-boggling prose, drawings, photos, Photoshopped stuff, videos — whatever you really enjoy and want to share. The sole criterion will be, does Mike like it, and does Mike like you. Friendship and admiration are what connect us, an that should be clear on every page. “Damn, these folks are enjoying themselves.”

Mike’s definition of something good is that it causes change. The maker of the thing changes in the making, and so does the enjoyer of the thing. Any work that does not achieve this transmogrification will be cast into the flames, with no change of appeal.

We know … rejection under these terms will be extremely painful. I also know that you will rise to the challenge!”