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Poem – Reminiscent

As the months melt away into weeks and days the memories become stronger bouncing from everywhere fast and furious they fill waking thoughts and serve as a reminder that reminiscing not only keeps someone’s memory alive but reminds you of the path they created for you of the person they believed you are.

Poem – A Plea, part 2

I see you in fragmented dreams images from a life I have not lived unfocused faces and voices mouthing words I cannot hear. I see images on billboards and movie vignettes where touching moments break through the wall 20-years old. I see you in rare dreams sourced from beyond this life, beyond the choice I […]
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Poem – Snow Always Proceeds the Fall

The depth of days, carrying the memories from the past through the present into a future laid bare in our hands. Silence precedes the chaos we create, but until that moment the silence is unsettling, daunting, and disarming. Snow comes first with a message of peace and hope a subtle warning from the winds originating […]
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Thoughts on the Empty Field

I have written a bit about the concept of an empty field and what this means spiritually, mentally, and physically to myself as a wandering soul, a student of this life struggling to relate and come to terms with previous lives.  The empty field is the essence of the mind and energy transferred to a […]
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Poem – Memories

On the cusp between two worlds the fine edge we walk through each day. One world filled with the memories we choose to keep. The other filled with what we have left behind. In the current understanding time is a persistent reference a way to communicate and exist within this space. But memories operate independently […]
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From a Puppy

We brought Leroy home in early 2011, shortly after I returned from Alaska.  I was apprehensive of bringing this tiny life home and the responsibility that came with her.  Would we be good pet owners, provide the right nutrition, walks, exercise, training, keep her safe?  What do we do when traveling, or simply running errands? […]
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A Boy and His Dog

Childhood memories of running through the yard, of dirt being kicked up, of throwing a ball and a flash of red whizzing by – there is nothing like a boy and his dog. Growing up with at least two dogs (along with cats, birds, fish, gerbils) at any time, there was no boredom to be […]
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Poem – Absentia #2

Absent of light the canvas becomes black – in the blackness there is not nothing – there is everything we choose to show, to expose, to translate from the memories and images into a masterpiece – who can judge art when colors, shapes, lines, splatters, and disconnected images are the hands interpretation of the mind’s […]
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Poem – Beginning of a Season in Hell

I am petrified, The walls surrounding me Reaching towards Heaven and Hell Thoughts consumed, Turn towards the past What I had and lost and what I gave up I see her image, Like I remember Her warm touch, Her warm tears upon my cheek A deep voice to protect me Further back I travel to […]
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Random Thoughts

Fall has taken over Minnesota and what on average are the hottest days of the year, has become 50s and rain. A taste of early fall perhaps, and then a head-first plunge into winter, my favorite season. As I have written about before, cold weather, and in particular winter, is when awareness of ourself becomes […]
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