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Flowing Exploration

Poem – Deconstructed, part 3 (Fracture 12)

Have we met before? Perhaps on a distant planet, on the other side of the known universe. White and gold petals scattered through the void we cannot see, while consuming everything we do see. I stand within light on a floating island. The willow tree comforts me on the long journey from planet to planet, […]
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Pain is a nasty companion and sneaky. Weeks pass with no sign of him or his shadow. Then he visits. But gently. Starting with a morning headache, slight. Some throbbing, moving through each hour of the day. And the first day stretches into another as a restless nights sleep compounds the consuming constricted veins that […]
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Poem – Mind Games

Trying to get my head straight. I stare carelessly out the second floor windows at burnt yellow and green leaves. Not much wind is blowing. Even with a stifling heat and little wind, there is something calming about this later afternoon, some other white noise is present. On the verge of sleep my eyes are […]
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Music for Today

What music are you listening to today?  What fits your mood or state of mind?  I chose 3 Doors Down to accompany me on the wave of emotions coming forth from the past 11-years and the heaviness I allow myself to experience.

Observation this evening

We live near a short-term care facility and often see people in wheelchairs as family spends time with them and helps them to enjoy the outdoors, such as today.  What I saw this evening, has caused me to step back a bit, and remember my grandmother.  Seeing an individual with dementia, and those moments when […]
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Jackson Pollock Poem – Fragment, Chaos

I stand above the floor scrambled mess of lines, blobs and various colors – and I feel peace and this makes sense nothing is linear or flows in one direction the chaos of multiple thoughts and emotions from infinite sources eventually swirls inward and collides, the resulting entanglement, the explosion a representation of the mind’s […]
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From the Outside

(1) Flowing from cement into the gutters glistening under the morning sun we are not alone the mind turned inside out presents the hidden secrets and crevasses to the environment and the last thought or image is taken within to be remembered forever. An outsider sees no difference cannot determine the source the entity that […]
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