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Poem – Home

To mom and pops Light edges across the roof giving rise to my shadow. With eyes closed I know it is there, I know I am home. I left 20 years ago trying to find my way to make my own life and path. Travelling to other countries finding my heart in Alaska but I […]
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Poem – A Child Waits

In honor of Mother’s Day and including pops, a poem. A child five years old waits patiently, the door has not opened for some time, a dining room chair methodically collects dust. Three dinner plates have become two, seemingly overnight. One kiss upon my forehead, though different, something new as the touch and embrace last […]
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A glorious day – Mother’s Day

70s and sunny and it is mother’s day.  I normally shy away from warmth and sunshine, preferring grey cloudy skies with rain, or with more excitement, snow and ice covered landscapes.  So it was somewhat surprising that I awoke this morning basking in golden light streaming through the forest green drapes, and felt alive.  I […]
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