Snow begins to cover the empty field
as the trees hold up the graying sky.

I want to bury my head into
the snow and mud,

I want to find a way into
the earth,

while I do not understand where
this world is going and the heavy thoughts,

and when I lift my head
I am living in a cartoon

where the scenesare surreal
and at the end we can erase

our actions and past
and start over.

Early spring and the trails are still covered with snow and ice. The sun finally visits and provides warmth for the rest of the journey.

2016-04-13 10.38.15

2016-04-13 11.12.34

2016-04-13 11.13.11

2016-04-13 11.13.32

2016-04-13 11.47.04

2016-04-13 11.47.30

Spent the weekend clearing the last visages of winter as snow and ice had become 5-foot tall hills.  Beneath the mounds, earth sprang forth with cold water, brown and reddish mud, and single blades of green grass.  Spring has been dormant, waiting for the veil to be removed.

2012-09-22 14.56.53

Early dusk light
scatters through curved
pine branches reaching
toward the soft, wet earth.

Tiny prisms individually
cast light in thin
strands; collectively the
forest removes a green veil
revealing the light of unknown
spectrums, a primal
energy my human eyes may see.

Light and shadows reverse roles –
earth spews white and yellow light –
spider webs catch, consume, and release –

I lie upon the earth
in utter silence while this
plays out, and I swallow
the haze engulfing the forest.

What structure and rules
we were taught as children
have no meaning here
and I return to an empty mind.

Time becomes foreign
three realms of past,
future, and present
dissipate into white smoke.

Left with a state of being
it becomes what I choose
and what I come to accept
from the land.