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Essay – In That Moment

Imagine what life would be from this moment forward if we moved away from the chatter and negativity our mind is swimming within and realize we are born from the stars, that all life on this planet is born from the same material and roots, and that we each have a purpose. Imagine what tomorrow […]
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Poem – How to Move Forward

Falling into the future from the present I sense time is changing, its motion pushing me forward into moments I may not be ready for. While science states that time does not change, how much do we know of the physical universe we infer and how much exists beyond the borders and boundaries we see […]
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Repost – Our Holographic Universe

From: http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2013/12/our-holographic-universe-a-new-theory-of-space-time-a-2013-most-popular.html Our Holographic Universe –A New Theory of Space-Time (2013 Most Popular) Researchers at the University of Southampton have taken a significant step in a project to unravel the secrets of the structure of our Universe. One of the main recent advances in theoretical physics is the holographic principle. According to this idea, our […]
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