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Taking Comfort

Standing on the cement patiohours after the sun fell awayI let go of the city and noiseand stare at the sky. Stars and patterns slowly come into focusforming images from college textbooks,a class I took that one winter whenI needed an escape and comfort. And the sky provided just that,structure and basic answers toquestions I […]
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Poem – Emerging from the Depths with Stardust

The blood-red sky of time before the sun rises intermingled with black clouds, the air is cold and still. I stand in a circle around the perimeter waiting for the moment told through ages, through dreams and the instinct telling me this is the place, this is where I need to be. Many years passed […]
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Poem – Across the Field

Across the field I see the same material we are made of born of the stars out there.

Poem – Origins Revisited

Burdened with questions, begging for answers, as a divide grows, we walk through empty fields. Searching the horizon for direction, the shifting sky scatters with each breath and when we listen to the primal unseen screams, we lose ourselves in fear and doubt. Broken and beat down by the present afraid of what the future […]
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