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Today’s Music and Jackson Pollock

Today, a beautiful sunny day, is brought to you by “State of Trance”, mixed by Alexander Popov. Something recently compelled me to return to Jackson Pollock. I have seen the movie released in 2000, directed and starred in by Ed Harris many times, but had not read the biography the movie is based on. I […]
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Essay – What do you do?

What do you do? This is a very common question during our interactions with people. It is most often asked by those we do not yet know, or only casually. Perhaps it is the once in a while haircut. During the customary small talk, this question and one other are always asked in one form […]
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Art, passion, need

As I shrug off the last remnants of the latest migraine, I wonder about why some people are motivated or pushed into the arts.  Some are labeled artists by society, some are by their occupation, and others are artists by their passion and drive. As I look back on my life, from a semi-clouded state, […]
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