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Poem – Into the Sky…

We gaze from the wet earth from the snow piles and appreciate the warm sun and the wind through pine masking distant city sounds.

Poem – The Day Wisdom Came from the Clouds Above

(1) Summer months fell into the autumn. Mist clung to pine before the sun rose. Brown needles falling from the sky slide down the barn’s green metal roof. We walk past fallen trees, piles of brush, two tree stumps to be removed, knee-high patches of weeds and wild flowers, a bat house, three thistle-filled socks, […]
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Poem – Layers

Why do I spend each weekend breaking sweet and back? What does each peeled layer represent? What am I looking for? Across the water lapping at my feet the land rises to the sky and the cliffs. I dream in color, I dream in green I smell warm pine and feel my skin burn as […]
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Trail Building and Fall

Fall is the perfect time of year for building trails through the woods.  Most tree leaves have fallen, the intense underbrush of summer, including small trees, weeds, and tall grasses, have wilted.  The trail emerges and you can more easily find where you left off the previous fall.  Passing by birch, pine, oak, and maple […]
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Poem – Fall, Minnesota

The cold morning greets weary eyes with a faint glowing horizon the moon, and Orion’s stoic stance. A northern Minnesota sunrise across the corn fields. Each stalk blazing orange as the wind scatters fallen leaves, milkweed seeds, and yesterdays newspaper. Ravens are waiting atop the whispering pine trees. The frosty ground crunches as head into […]
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Time Away

Deep into the northern woods, beneath the blue sky, near full moon, and lush pine trees, balance is finally being restored. After an Alaskan Amber, Joline begins to emerge and I finally continue the story that I have been working on for over 15-years. This current work will provide more of a background story for […]
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Winter’s Last Stand

Spent the weekend clearing the last visages of winter as snow and ice had become 5-foot tall hills.  Beneath the mounds, earth sprang forth with cold water, brown and reddish mud, and single blades of green grass.  Spring has been dormant, waiting for the veil to be removed. Early dusk light scatters through curved pine […]
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Poem – Lady in the Forest

For earth day… I awoke in the boreal forest white pine reaching skyward, a canopy of shadow a secret deep within the green walls, reflected hues off the morning dew, shimmers when the wind arrives I sought guidance from the lady the lady in the forest with streaking blood red locks a look of calm […]
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Retreat Building Continues

We have spent the last 4-weekends finishing a retreat and wildlife refuge up north.  This is a stepping stone toward our long-term plans to begin prairie restoration and maintain a healthy forest through sustainable practices. Work completed so far includes a trail system for access to the deep woods, selection of the prairie project location, […]
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A place exists tucked into tall pine trees reaching toward the empty sky filled with Nothing. Yielding the search for everything I found what I was looking for. I do not fully understand the magic slipping through exposed fingers and I question why it took so long to get here, why so many roadblocks of […]
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