The sunless grey sky
releases an afternoon rain

pushing leaves beginning to transition
to bright yellows and deep reds.

Each drop’s ripple in the pond,
each leaf that falls through wind and rain

a reminder of nature’s course in time
and the fragile thread we all cling to.

I watch the sun set behind the hills.
I watch planes pass overhead nearly colliding with the moon.
I watch the pond empty and then fill again. And again. With ducks.

The dogs stand watch, stoic poses, passed through
generations and breeding.

I wonder what they are thinking.

Do you remember where you were
that night in the autumn

the first hard freeze and the
sky exploding with clouds and light?

I will never forget where I was
standing near the pond

filled with an orange reflection
waiting for the call, for you.

2014-11-08 08.45.39

Each room flooded with light.
The floor is warm and fuzzy and
in the middle the puppy sleeps.

I watch ducks and geese land
with grace and belly-flops
into the pond and squirrels
stretch their winter legs.

I still last evening’s sunset
and today I feel alive.

Purple Sunset
Purple Sunset

Minnesota. Negative 10.  Snow and beautiful sunshine.

The trail is empty.
The sky is clear.
The snow crunches.
My breath heavy.

A path across the pond
around the lake, but
I am not alone.

Still, silent, rising
from the icy depths.

Snow guardians.