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Poem – One

The world is large, sphere-like and hurtling through space. Life began in primordial forms billions of years before giving the life we have through complex processes. At some point in ancient history of the human species we merged from the same source from the same cells and sub-atomic parts. We are one and in this […]
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Poem Snippets

#1 I looked to the sunset. I saw your face in the orange tinged clouds and now I know what to do. #2 In the silence I watch the dog watching with wonder the dragonfly. Perched on the chair back translucent wings and red body conjure images of life before life when we were single-celled […]
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Poem – Before

Before this fire painted the sky. Water and rivers of molten earth. The sun guarding the primordial land before we arrived.

Poem – Deconstructed, part 2 (Fracture 52)

glory to the stars white pinpoints. glory to the sublime dust streaks across the eastern sky. Haley visits. so too the particles surviving the atmosphere. and the shower we do not see sprinkled upon barren heads and barren earth. murky primordial soup encroaching the shore catches falling bits, no ripple, no wave, no cause, no […]
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