A sincere post for my friends that own and operate Exposure Alaska. They have been in business since 1999 offering true Alaska adventure tours.  New this year is the Chugach Challenge offering: Fast paced and fueled by adrenaline and coffee. You’ll raft Class V rapids, ice climb on a glacier, ride the fastest zipline in Alaska and backpack in the wilderness.

Here is a review I wrote in 2013 after the last expedition I took with them (first was in 2007).


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Of Tide and Time, by Hanakia Zedek

What is life if not transfixed within this brittle shell
A miraculous brilliance juxtaposed
With so little time within a fragile hold
This cell
This Heaven This Hell
Do tell

But not of beliefs and fancy fair
But what is right here
And now
And how
And what it turns
And returns into

And moved in years untold
As they unfold
Taking life away
By the passing of each
And every day
Anon…as time moves on and on

What brief and delicate moments
Knit together
To appear as an illusion
Of forever
Yet a place never reached
Scorned by death’s release

What a twist of fate
Its twisted gate
We enter so innocent
Blind to time’s flawed design
And destiny resigned
To it

Away to sleep
And awake no more
Like sands on the shore
The sure and distant chide
And perilous ride
Of Time and Tide

Prince William Sound, Alaska
Prince William Sound, Alaska

I know you are out there, and I hope you are waiting for my return. Each day you swim within my thoughts, attaching to everything I think, consuming what ever I have left.

A slow walk across the airfield
beneath mountain shadows.

I see pictures of you and building emotions overflow and surface things I have kept hidden.

I watch the sunset
in silence and with
eyes closed I leave here
and land there.

What is home? I do not hear a voice calling me home. I feel the tug and pull on every nerve, muscle, and bone. I feel my mind and being transported through time, through memories and experiences, back into the kayak, and through the mountain pass.

Massive clouds collide with
mountain tops and the rain
blankets the sound with
soft drumbeats, accompanied
by distant thunder.


Near Whittier
Near Whittier
Prince William Sound
Prince William Sound

This is from my friends in Alaska.  I have been on two trips with them and highly recommend them for a true Alaskan adventure.  And I do not get anything in return for this post!

D3X_7883Tips on planning your Alaska Adventure

Glacier Trekking l Ice Climbing l Muli-Sport Adventure Tours l Zipline

Alaska is big.

Really BIG. So think carefully about what you want to try to do and don’t spend your entire trip in a car or a bus! Get out there and hike, climb, paddle, float, zip and more.

There’s so much to do in South Central Alaska, if you only have a week there’s no need to drive all over the State trying to see it all.

Within 100 miles of Anchorage you can hike on a glacier, learn to ice climb, go sea kayaking, climb mountains, backpack in the wilderness, raft a wild river and more!

We operate two small companies in South Central Alaska, within two hours of Anchorage. 

MICA Guides Exposure Alaska
Get out of the car or off the ship and actually WALK on a glacier. The mighty Matanuska Glacier is a great destination for trekking or learning the exciting sport of ice climbing. Adventures from 1 hour to all day for virtually the entire family.


The most adventure you can pack into a week! Sea kayak Prince William Sound, learn to ice climb on a glacier, hike high in the mountains, raft a wild river and more. Challenging, all inclusive adventure tours from 3-9 days. Expose yourself to Alaska!


Book now and SAVE. Reserve your glacier adventure with MICA Guides within 10 days of this message and save 10% on the Ice Fall Trek or Ice Climbing. Book online and use promo code VR1% (Does not apply to Packages. You must book online for discount).

For the adventure this year, I went with Exposure Alaska. This was my second expedition with them (first was in 2007).  I completed the Xxtreme Week expedition and can say this was one intense trip.

I have gone with other companies for trips to Alaska and the San Juan Islands, and feel this company is the best overall.  Don and Tina, the owners, have many years of experience in the field, guiding, logistics, training guides in Alaska that they bring to each trip.

After tough and sometimes brutal days in the water, on the ice, or hiking, the guides put together great meals that I looked forward to before heading off to bed for rest.  Education is always part of the trip, and we learned various knots, especially when pitching a tent and tarp in Prince William Sound (gale-force winds, waves, cold temperatures), history of Alaska, flora and fauna, leave no trace principals, and backcountry cooking.

One of the highlights was half-way through the trip and hanging out at Don and Tina’s homestead.  We enjoyed an Alaskan BBQ, cold beer, and great conversation around the fire while the sun set and stars emerged.

I would definitely recommend Exposure Alaska for an expedition in Alaska.

Day 1 – Meet in Anchorage. Start sea kayaking. Remote Camping.
Day 2 – Continue sea kayaking. Remote Camping.
Day 3 – Paddle to pick up point. Return to Whittier. Short drive to remote camping near Hope, AK.
Day 4 – Whitewater rafting on Six Mile Creek! Pizza & beer in Anchorage. Camping at our Homestead.
Day 5 – Glacier Trekking & Ice Climbing. Alaska-style BBQ and camping at our Homestead
Day 6
 – Challenging Backpacking. Remote camping.
Day 7 – Challenging Backpacking. Return to Anchorage.


I have been away for awhile, taking a break from the corporate world and losing myself in nature. Accepting that part of me that desires to challenge my mental and physical health, I spent nine days in Alaska. Seven were taking advantage of what is Alaska and dealing with what it throws at you. At the mercy of very unpredictable weather, conditions ranged from sunny and 60s, to rain, gale force winds, fog, mist, more rain, 40s, ice pellets, and hiking over snow.

Once I am back on normal time and healed from being spanked by Alaska, I will post photos. Additionally, a story from part of the trip will be published in an upcoming edition of Stone Path Review.

Pre-trip day 1 and 2 were spent near downtown Anchorage.

Summary of the adventure:

Day 1: Kayaking in Prince William Sound after a water taxi out near Decision Point due to awesome weather and wave conditions.

Day 2: Kayaking in Prince William Sound. This night had the worse weather with wind and rain threatening to take tent tarps, the tents themselves, and us off into the cold and roiling water.

Day 3: Very little kayaking in Prince William Sound as we were working to break camp and prepare for a water taxi out as the awesome weather continued. Drove through Girdwood and Hope. Setup camp near Hope. Sigh of relief all round as the weather was calm.

Day 4: Whitewater rafting on 6 Mile Creek through three canyons with class 4 and 5 rapids. Drove through Anchorage, stopping for dinner at Moose’s Tooth. Camping was at Kings River.

Day 5: Glacier climbing on the Matanuska glacier at Glacier View. Camping was at Kings River.

Day 6: Drove to Snowbird trail head in Hatcher Pass. Hiked to Tarn Lake and setup camp. Hiked with an elevation gain of 700 feet to windy, snowing, and icy view of Snowbird glacier.

Day 7: Hiked back to trail head and drove back to civilization.

I finally added photo galleries from 3 trips to Alaska.  They can be viewed here.