That cabin in the woods,
nestled beneath second generation pine
planted after the last logging,
waits for our visit.

Snow caught in tree-tops
meanders through the winter sky
covering the green roof in a smooth
slope where acorns speed to the ground.

Ravens ever present toward the open fields,
near the old silo base, they rule the open sky
with acrobatics and voices blanketing
the otherwise quiet space.

The nest in the overhang now empty.
Somewhere deep in the woods they watch
with caution and curiosity as the dogs
run circles around that cabin in the woods.

Birds I do not know the name of.

Small collections of cotton from the aptly named cotton wood tree.

A robin flying from the neighbors roof to a tree in the yard.

Deep blue azure background to the expanding and contracting white clouds.

A Delta airplane, and then another I did not recognize.

Swaying tree tops basking in the remaining sunlight.

The smell of BBQ wafting from across the road.

Voices heard from children I do not see.

Closed eyes and deep breath.

Smooth chatter of leaves dancing.

A moment of solitude.