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Poem – Remind

We age from the burden of each day’s moments, trials, and tests. We lose track of time, people, and who we are individually and collectively. We lose where we are in the world until nature reminds us.

Stone Garden

Intently walking the empty shoreline with faint reminders of empty fields each stone or grain of sand unique we listen to our internal voice in choosing which will become the stone garden we will build and tend to. Some stones are quiet, content with their place here. Some stones jump or shine. Still others sit […]
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To know my place here, the culmination of past, present, and now – requires awareness of my roots, where I came from, the events and experiences dictating the path. I now accept the path I chose, each bump, each divergement, even the occasions when the path ended at the blue cliffs overlooking the tumultuos waters, […]
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