The next issue of Stone Path Review, Winter 2014, is coming along great.  The first draft of the interview was sent off and we are finalizing the poems and short stories.

A reminder that we read submissions all the time and have no set deadlines and currently no particular theme.

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In between Stone Path Review and writing, my stack of books to read has become a looming tower of words that is tormenting me everyday I slip into bed or open the office door.  Three more books arrived and now it is time to start digging in.  A couple of them I will review and post here and at Stone Path Review.

  • The Mountain, Ed Viesturs
  • Incarnadine, Mary Szybist
  • Dear Life, Alice Munro
  • Biography of Jackson Pollock,
  • My Struggle, Karl Ove Knausgaard
  • Back to the Wild (The Writings and Photographs of Christopher Johnson McCandless)

The Fall 2013 issue of Stone Path Review is available as a flip-book and for purchase.

Stone Path Review Fall 2013

Stone Path Review: Stone Path Review Fall 2013

Artistic Journal with poetry, photography, featured artist interview, and short stories. We are artists publishing journals for other artists.

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featured-image_01The 8th issue of Stone Path Review has been published. This marks the closure of our second year of publishing. What started out as a simple idea with no long-term plan has become an extension of our passion and appreciation of the arts. We look forward to the third year and beyond and will rollout other media following the goals and mission of Stone Path Review. We also hope to have a release party in the near future. Please follow our blog or on Facebook for more information and announcements.

Thank you to our readers and artist who trust your work with us. We would not be here without you.

This issue’s featured artist is writer Kevin Zepper and includes an interview, along with a selection of his poetry.

Poetry by: A. J. Huffman, Bradley Hamlin, Craig Steele, Don Cellini, James Valvis, Kevin Zepper, Milton P. Ehrlich, Ryan Bermuda
Short Stories by: Melodie Corrigall, Tabitha Holcombe
Visual Arts by: Dr. Ernest Williamson III, John J. Sikkila, Susan Sweetland Garay
Cover Photograph by: Aaron Bowen

The next issue of Stone Path Review is almost complete and will be available for your reading and viewing pleasure on 10/15/13.  The PDF and downloadable version will be available by 10/22/13.

We have an open reading schedule and your work can be submitted here.


Photo courtesy of Twisted Root Studios

I recently completed an interview with Duotrope for our journal Stone Path Review.

The interview can be read here.

The following is a book review I completed for Stone Path Review.

Review of “Sugartown”, by Kevin Zepper
Publisher: Finishing Line Press, 2012


“Sugartown” is the fourth book from Minnesota-based author Kevin Zepper. In this poetry collection, the title and lead poem are homage to harvesting sugar near Moorhead, MN.

Through a writing style utilizing alliteration and word play (an internal rhythm with quick rhymes) a structure emerges that resembles music playing from across fields of grass and wheat. There is a beat here that the reader begins to hum, sing, and tap with the hand that is not holding book.

Another important facet of Kevin’s writing style is its accessibility. I would not call it simple, but rather down-to-earth and digestible, not pompous. The reader feels that Kevin is an observer and that he is one of us, telling a bit of a story, but not giving everything away. Space is left for the reader to relate to an image or situation. In fact, I can still smell the potato salad mom and pops used to make for every picnic while reading the piece “Potato Salad!”.

Each poem offers a look at life now and in the past from somewhere in the heartland of this country. I believe each reader will find something they can relate to and be transported to that moment.

These four poems I found to be particularly well-written and full of words playing not just to sight, but all of the sense.

  • “Cinnamon” – A poem that filled my mind with sharp and salty images of a MN autumn with lines such as “A season seasoned with thyme and cayenne”. The images hang there and even provide a smell to give each definition.
  • “Sugartown”
  • “Potato Salad!”
  • “Jeanne”

Previous collections by Kevin Zepper

  • I Bring You Dead Things (2008)
  • The Fifth Ramone: Prose Poems (2003)
  • (Suffering from) An Apartment Complex

I’ve been away from the blog more than I would like, but things will settle down a bit in September.  I’ve been taking PHP classes and working on certification.  PHP is the programming language behind many websites (such as Facebook) and what Workdpress is created with.  I”m hoping this will take my career in a different direction, and allow me to understand more deeply how WordPress works and create plugins.

Stone Path Review is surfacing again as it has been 1-month since the Summer issue was released, so now we spend the next 2-months putting the Fall issue together.  Our featured artist will be Kevin Zepper and will include some of his work, an interview, and a review of “Sugartown”.

Behind the scenes of Enso Press, which publishes Stone Path Review, we are working on a future release party and plans to work with independent filmmakers.  More exciting information to come!

I am currently reading “Sugartown” by Kevin Zepper, who I am fortunate to be interviewing for the Fall issue of Stone Path Review.

We are actively seeking poetry collections for review. If you are interested, please contact me and I will send you the address they can be sent to.

We are planning the first release party for Stone Path Review, for the Fall issue. Still early, but it looks to be early to mid November with a featured writer, music, and readings by current and previously published artists.

More to come!