The publisher of Stone Path Review, Enso Press, LLC ( is interested in producing films via our Enso Productions division.

We are looking for independent feature length films that are in pre-production up to the filming stage. Films with a mission similar to Stone Path Review and Enso Press are preferred – spirituality, finding and discovering your true being and the strength within, immersion in nature, exploring the role nature plays in our lives, or just getting by in this chaotic world.

Projects that are seeking funding through Kickstarter or Indiegogo will be given preference.


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Now that the Winter 2014 issue of Stone Path Review has been published, we look ahead…

We are always accepting, reading, and responding to submissions.  We accept poetry, short stories, prose, and visual arts.  We are especially looking for photography, both for the cover and inside, drawings, original artwork, photos of artwork, etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Thank you for your patience and to our readers and artists who have trusted their work with us. We would not be here without you.


I am proud to announce that we just finished the Winter 2014 issue of Stone Path Review.  You are able to view it online, as a flip-book, or download a PDF.  This issue features poetry, photography, a short story, and an interview with the director of a mountain guide training school located in Alaska and Patagonia.

Stone Path Review Winter 2014

Stone Path Review: Stone Path Review Winter 2014

Artistic journal of poetry, photography, short stories and an interview with the director of a mountain guide training school.

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This review is from a couple of years ago but the music of Maktub is timeless.


Start it Over, by Maktub

With the anticipation of a child at Christmas, the first time making love or a never before tasted Italian red wine, I delved into the new disk and was justly rewarded. The music starts off almost improvised, almost a jam session type of feeling, getting warmed up finding their chops, before taking us on a ride we will never forget. The emotional range is intense as each song elicits a different sense, a different place in time, a different countryside, basking under the autumn sun, fighting a wind-swept rain, or dining at an Italian cafe across from the one you love, sipping wine and indulging in chocolate.

The album is complex like the red wine the first time it tingles your taste buds. You smile at the same time trying to figure out what this masterpiece is, because it is so unique and such a new experience. You take it slow and easy at first, not rushing, not wanting this to end, enjoy each and every second, each tug at the senses, your mind and body electrified.

This is a perfect album. I’ve been a Maktub fan for 5 years, have each album, have Reggie’s solo album and have been graced with two live performances of the band. They have captured the spirit and energy of engaging the crowd with pure music, emotional music, and have taken the best of Subtle Ways, Khronos, and Say What You Mean, thrown it into a mixer and out came Start it Over.

Music’s purpose is to engage, enthrall, elicit emotions, take you some place else, electrify the body and mind, and bring you back to where you started, the same place, but not the same person. Start it Over does this.

A note from Alan Kleiman, who we published in the Spring 2012 issue of Stone Path Review. His most recent book is “Grand Slam“.

Ace Mulvahil – I’m happy to say that I (known as Alan Kleiman in the non FB world) will be reading my poetry at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond on January 3 at 6 PM as part of their First Fridays Performing Arts series. If you are in the area please stop by and listen and say hello!

The next issue of Stone Path Review, Winter 2014, is coming along great.  The first draft of the interview was sent off and we are finalizing the poems and short stories.

A reminder that we read submissions all the time and have no set deadlines and currently no particular theme.

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